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Keep in mind that I am always looking for images for our newsletter; fish, sunsets, sunrises, other anglers fishing, equipment, anything fishing related. I can use them all.  Large, unedited images are best. Thanks.

Created by Scott McKee Oct 31, 2018 at 1:09pm. Last updated by Scott McKee Oct 31, 2018.

Moon Phase


Thank you, Jay!

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 Decided to catch the Bills game later that night and Scott K picked me up Sunday at 2:00 pm at the ridiculous new launch at the old Small Boat harbor. We fished the south gap area until 7:00 with no action and little showing on the screen. Monday night I tried my luck in the river and launched at 8:00. Within the first 15 minutes I had a fish in the net I figured was picture worthy. Tom motored over and played cameraman and we continued fishing. Shortly after midnight my lure was stopped and I set the hook into what felt like a good fish. Heavy head shakes while staying deep convinced me it was bigger than the first. Everything seemed to be going good until the fish turned just inside the rim of the net and got the hooks that were outside its mouth stuck in the mesh. My attempt to bring he fish over the net failed and, for some reason, I thought if the net was turned upside down it might provide a different result. Wrong. Suddenly the splashing stopped and I thought it was gone, but it had just settled down. I lifted the net up into the air and saw my chance to grab the handle of the fish and that did go smoothly. Luckily in my boat nothing is out of reach and I was able to grab the pliers and remove the one hookpoint that was firmly embedded inside the mouth. What a feeling of relief as I slid the fish into the net. Tom and I both were fooled by the thickness of the fish and thought it was bigger so this one I Couple more pics and back to fishing but no more action for either of us. I had plans to take Mike F out on Tuesday night so quit early. Wound up alone in my boat Tuesday night after Mike cancelled and went back to see if the fish were still in a biting mood. Fished around Strawberry for awhile but it was a different night. Seemed to be a boat everywhere I wanted to try so just went for a slow zigzag down the river with the intention of reaching Miller creek. Guess I was too tired as I found myself saying it was okay to close my eyes just for a few seconds.  After doing that a half dozen times I opened my eyes just a bit disoriented and decided the Beaver Island marina was as far as I was going to get. Done. I've also decided to stay away from Strawberry for the rest of the NY season. Time to explore..alittle..

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Better take Mike F with you if you want to close your eyes for a while. 

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