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Thank you, Jay!

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2020 NMA Catch and Release and Angler Diary tables and charts.

I've attached two files, one covering the NMA 2020 Catch and Release submissions and the second the 2020 Angler Diary data. 

2020 NMA Catch and Release charts and tables.pdf

2020 NMA Angler Diary Study Charts and Tables.pdf

I want to thank everyone who submitted their data, with a special thanks to the Angler Diary Study participants- Al Alagna, Carl Schenk, Scott McKee, Joseph Wilczewski, Joseph Soldaczewski and Andrew Lawson.

Without the cooperation of and parcipaition of our members in both the submission of C&R and ADS data we wouldn't have these 26 year data bases, which are an invaluable resourse in understanding our fishery.

I'll do a more thorough analysis in a future article or presentation, but the bottom line is that the fishery has continued a long-term trend of larger but fewer fish. That's great if you like trophy fish, maybe not if you like numbers.

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