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Thank you, Jay!

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Fished from sunup to sundown with little action. I am very new to the river but learning quickly. I saw one fish in shallower towards the evening and hooked one in-between the islands but it was only attached for a couple seconds. I'm strongly modifying my fly box when I get the chance because it is obvious the flies I am used to using in smaller boulder infested water don't have the same action on bigger water with less interrupted current. Fly fishing in such big water definitely takes a very different approach that I am only just starting to learn. Getting out tonight at 5 for another shot at it. I have accumulated almost 30 hours with no fish to the boat....

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Im blaming it on NNS (New Net Syndrome)

Stay at it Riley.  You are thirty hours closer to your next musky.  Tonight should be good... maybe amazing.

don't say that, the people I'm working for won't like me quitting early hahah

Nighttime is the right time with the new moon. at least that's always been my experience.  There seems to be a slight wind shift around 7 and then a more drastic shift around 10.  Moon set is 8:15.  Be on your best spot before before the wind shifts at 7 and camp there for awhile.  Do you have an Ontario license? The mouth of Frenchman's and Miller might be really good areas to hit tonight.  Best of luck!

I do but no lights on my boat. I may try to get my buddy to go out in his boat.

Pick up battery operated navigation lights and have at it.

Of course most navigational lights are battery operated, I mean something like this.

Good day
I would Stay between the islands.
The DEC spotted the most fish off the SE corner. Alabalabala jojoout

Riley...what changes are you making to your flies...bigger profiles, larger sizes, tandem hooks?  What have you found out?

Hey, Riley...I'm exactly in the same boat as you.  I'm not a river fisherman, but a L.E. walleye & perch guy.  If you ask me  bout Sturgeon or Meyers, I'll show you every drop-off.  I just talked with Jojo & he gave me some tips on where to fly fish in the river.  Do you want to try it out with me sometime?  I have a 16-1/2' all open, tiller controlled Alumacraft with a deck like an aircraft carrier.  I would prefer fishing the days first though because I really don't know the river at all & that would get me familiar with the waters.  I tied some flies that have a lot of "spread" so they will move water & if they look good, you're welcome to use any or all.

My kicker is in the shop but I run a 40 hp EFI & an electric trolling motor.  One shadow caster works the bow, one works the stern & maybe, just maybe, we won't hook each other!!

I am open to fish with anyone at least once haha. Seriously though I would love to my only issue is 95% of my fishing is in the evenings on a very last minute basis. I usually shoot up from springville when work ends before 430. I'll talk to you at the upcoming meeting. I moved 4 fish today all in quite shallow water. Nothing super aggressive though.

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