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Thank you, Jay!

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Boat Features: What you love, what you hate, what you wish you had

Hey all,

Depending on post graduation job status I will be completely redoing my 17' Lund Pro V this winter and I will be changing things up a bit by moving the front console back to give more front deck space, adding a 9' side rod locker extended from the floor in conjunction with the 7' on the side and extending the back deck. What are some features you wish your rig had or features you like most. Keep in mind this boat will be used for Musky fishing with fly rods 75% of the time, gear fishing for bass 15% of the time, and trolling with those new to the sport or when my shoulder eventually gives out again 10% of the time. My dad and I own a weld fab shop in springville so the possibilities are endless. 

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Riley...I have a 16-1/2' Alumacraft with tiller control.  Dan Scheda & I have fly-fished off it a number of times.

Here is what I like about mine:

1. Tiller control, therefore no steering wheel, no console, no windshield, no nothing in between the bow &  rear motor except a dance floor.

2. I can remove the electric troller from the bow to keep that area clear. If I need a kicker, I'll mount it out of the way on the transom.

3. Portable gas tank & battery is kept under the back splash well.

4. One feature I really like is that it's a Lunker II model (not made anymore) and the side storage lockers don't run the full length of the hull.  That means there are two areas on the main floor where I can walk hull to hull without running into any storage compartments.  This helps when someone has to go right up to the hull to play or net a fish.

5. All my rod holders are removable so I can take them off for fly-fishing but put them back on for trolling or pan-fishing.

6. All seats, except the back seat, are removable right to the floor.  the back seat stays for me to steer (plus it's bolted down)

In short, I can remove almost all hardware that sticks up or out from the deck or hull and reinstall it if I need it. Dan & I refer to it as "an Aircraft carrier". 

I rig it to the type of fishing I'm doing.

Fly-Fishing:  clear all decks. Unfortunately, cleats are the only thing that stick up.

Panfishing with my 2 nephews & their dad: install 3 chairs

walleye trolling: install one chair and rod holders

I'll take some pics & post but it will be next week before I can do that.

Good luck.

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