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Thank you, Jay!

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When you were a kid did you ever sneak downstairs on Christmas Eve to check out all of the presents under the tree?  Sure you did!  (I caught my dad eating Santa's cookies once.  The scary thing was I was 17 at the time.  I think I drank Santa's beer and went back to bed.  Yes, at the McKee household we left a suds for the big man in red.)  On Monday, August 4th, Don Ashworth, the retail marketing manager of the new Cabela's, has invited us a sneak peak at the new Walden store!  The members of the Niagara Musky Association will be allowed to check out the fabulous new Cabela's days before it opens to the public!  I like that!  This preview is available by invitation only.  If you are interested in exploring our new favorite outdoors store before everybody else gets a chance to, please respond to this post, or raise your hand when Frank Stachowiak, the architect of our relationship with Cabela's, mention this at tomorrow's meeting.  Nice job, Frank!  I had better stash away a few pennies for August 4th!

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Thanks John,

It is pretty last minute on my part.  I was actually expecting to be out of town today.  I really do not want to bother Frank at work so I am going to stop by before 5 tonight.  If there is an extra ticket or a spot for me on someone that is not bringing a guest, great!  If not, I know a really good BBQ spot nearby and will treat myself to a nice dinner.

Joe must be Kentuky Greg's your talking about,you could have had an Elk Burger at Cabela's! I found the store to be setup very good with very good selection of items,just a little pricey on some things!

I was going to buy just a couple of items (about $20 worth), went to the line & found the wait was 30-45 minutes to check out.  So I promptly went back to where I got the items & put them on their shelf again.  Then I saw a couple other people I knew who had goods in their hands & they, too, were now walking empty handed.  I'll go back in a couple of weeks in the morning in the middle of the week when things settle down.

and, yes, the prices weren't competitive but they did have almost everything you could ever want for gear.

No treble hooks over 5/0, no big swivels, no Leadcore Line, no Amsoil and not even a boat trailer wiring harness! They had none of the above items I needed and we're 15 percent higher in price on most of everything else.I will keep supporting the little tackle stores like Capt Bob's Tackle!

Cap'n...they also seemed to be lacking materials for musky on the fly.  No catching 6" trout on a flyrod for me.  I was never into that small stuff but bless the hearts of those who enjoy it.  I guess everyone has their own niche!

You guessed it!  I try to stop in whenever I am near.  I am still bummed that they had to close their southtowns location.

They did have a very very very small selection of leadcore line hidden under all of their fluorocarbon leader materials.  I think it went up to 36lb test in their version and only 18lb test in Suffix.

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