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Thank you, Jay!

This site is sponsored by NMA Member Jay Nannen.

I thought I would share some pics from some lure making I have been very slightly involved in. This is not an attempt at advertising, just showing off! I am responsible for the logo and making of the aluminum lips and engraving both aluminum and lexan lips and the rest is all Dave Kormanyos from the northern NY.

Enjoy the lure porn!

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I figured you were the "Riley" he was referring to when he originally got the metal blades made up...makes his amazing baits just that much better!

I originally found him on Instagram several years ago and was really impressed by his baits. They have come so far since then and in person they are 100x better.

Nice stuff! If you have the ability to cut some Stainless Lips i would be interested, thx.

I do have the ability to cut stainless lips but for overall ease I have been sticking to aluminum. If you are interested in .125 or .108 aluminum I would be very happy to get you some from my next batch. I will eventually be toying with stainless but that wont be until this winter most likely.

I can cut lexan and aluminum on my band saw, when you get rigged up for stainless lemme know, thx!

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