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Thank you, Jay!

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It was a Goodday
Louis and I helped Chris seine in the SE corner of Grand Island . It brought back childhood memories doing it on the Jersey Shore.I love The anticipation of not knowing what new species or what you will get. Pure pleasure, joy, fun of playing in the water and Identifying them. I learned to ID YOY spot tail, blunt nose, silverside minnows, red horse suckers. Already knew YOY yellow perch, large , small mouth bass. Also learned the difference of the evasive mill foil next to the natural contain that is being forced out. We did get on YOY Esox , my first musky in two years and n adult Esox , a nice 24ish pike.
I did not want to quit and was down about having to.
Those that know me know I ALWAYS WANT MORE.

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Like the report, Joe. But didn't really like the result (one YOY muskie?).  

How many sites did you sample?

Was the SE corner of GI the only one?

Which one is next?

Did you seine a lot of forage fish?

So many questions, so little time!

Thanks for the report

Correction typo contain should be coontail vegetation

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