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Thank you, Jay!

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I called for info to renew my non resident license. Put on hold for 20 minutes and was then told that they have no info on fishing the river and crossing the border in the Niagara River.  I was told to call Canada Border Services Agency as they control the border.  After holding for 25 minutes, a pleasant lady told me she didn't know the answer and she transferred my call to the closest port of entry - the Peace Bridge. I was transferred to a male agent.  I said I was a vaccinated US resident with a non resident license and intend to fish the Niagara River with incidental water border crossings but no landing once the land border is opened in mid august.  The response was "no". I repeated the question (very diplomatically) and got another "no". I told him I was calling on behalf of a lot of club members so he wouldn't be inundated with a lot of calls but that made no difference.  Clearly, he needed another cup of coffee. He gave me the following phone number  800-461-9999 which is the number for Canada Border Services Agency.  I suppose if you call it you will have to ask for the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie. If anyone has information about this topic, please post it.

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Goodday brother the Health Canada Covid info #
Is 1-833-784-4397. Rumor is 8/8/21 …

Thanks for your efforts Frank.  I wonder if we are better off just doing what we have always done, use the nonresident license as usual..  After all they sold it to us..  I prefer asking for forgiveness over asking for permission.  Food for thought.  

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