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Thank you, Jay!

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Bruce and I have been fishing a small lake in Wyoming county once a week since early summer. We load up Bruce's 12-foot row boat with a few rods, some tackle, a few snacks and we get to be kids again casting for largemouth bass and pike.  We usually fish five or six, sometimes seven hours.  While we might be reliving our youth, my back and knees aren't fooled.

We do pretty well. Most of our trips we put up huge numbers.  Sometimes we catch some big fish.  Today was a good day for both.

Bruce usually fishes the surface or with flukes or spinnerbaits.  I scratch my JDM (Japanese Domestic Market (translation: super bad ass and really expensive rods and lures) obsession,  chucking around bluegill gliders, wake baits and huge (for bass) topwaters.

Of all the lures we toss around like salivating lunatics waiting for our next fix, the most successful has been the River2Sea 130 Whopper Plopper.  Tonight Bruce put on a clinic with the Whopper Plopper.  Larry Dahlberg himself would have been proud of Bruce.

On three consecutive casts throwing the Plopper Bruce caught a pike approximately 40-inches, a 20-inch (approximately) bass and ended the streak with a mid-upper-teens largie.  He was unconscious.  In his next ten casts he caught four more smaller largemouth.  For a small lake it was an epic performance.

I'm sure most of you have Whopper Ploppers but if you don't get a few. The 130 size gets bit the most for us.

It's been a fun summer rowing around and catching a ton of fish.  I'm sure I'll catch the musky bug soon, but if not I can see myself and Bruce doing what we've been doing until ice forms.  I'd bet my expensive gliders would work great in cold water.

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Small lakes in a small boat (even for a couple of big guys) is always been fun. Maybe it's time to chuck techno & pull out the cane pole & bobber!

John, the problem is I'm sort of (read: completely) addicted to bass techno.

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