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Thank you, Jay!

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Today's weather wouldn't have deterred me from going musky fishing twenty years ago.  I would have been freezing in my old boat without a care in the world.  I probably would have been without a musky with today's winds, but I would have been out there.

My cold weather gear was terrible then.  I wore my neoprene waders, a cheap rain jacket, a hoodie and a Filson hat worn in tandem with a knit cap.  I had a pair of Simms glommits and when they got wet, oh well. 

Now I have base layers, insulation layers, waterproof and windproof shells, a float suit, more gloves, mittens, balaclavas and wool hats than Cabela's.  I roll with enough chemical hand warmers to melt ice caps.

Why now should I be less apt to fish when I have all of this foul weather gear? Age, of course.  Enjoy your youth, kids. Revel in it.  Fish in whatever and whenever you can.  There will be a day when a day like today will be a day to not fish.

Tony and I were reminiscing earlier today about a Nip trip we took a few years back. The temps were in the low thirties during the first week of September.  And it was taking turns raining and snowing. The wind was howling out of the north.  We weren't prepared for this wintery hell, but we fished.  About midday, I mentioned, "if we go in now, I'll make you a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup." Tony couldn't reel in and start the big motor fast enough.  I wonder if we have some tomato soup?

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Well said, Scott. Nothing to do with getting soft. It's getting old(er). Here's Lake Erie on the last day I was in a boat, 11/9/2020. Air temp 75 deg, winds <8 mph, water so calm even the gulls made a wake. Those are my kind of November fishing nowadays

Great image, John.  When the lake is like what you captured, it's still not hard to imagine her violent.  When you are in the violence, it's incredibly hard to imagine her ever calm again.

I've been more Covid restricted,Positive and tore down for a couple weeks,Negative, then relatives were Positive.Finally can get on the water,but did not like todays water visibility to go.So I will pound it hard Friday through Monday in the Harbor.
Best of luck, Larry!
I did end up at Chautauqua Lake, but did not hook up. Then after I left I heard Pensyl was having a great day of catching.

Keep on truckin', Larry. You won't catch any muskies if your line's not in the water

Quick shift tonight with Carrie, 3:30 to 7. Zippo with a capital Z.
Went back to Chautauqua Lake this morning, we went 3 for 4 but all only low 30"ers.

Larry...3 for 4 is awesome, no matter what size they were! Well Done!

Capt. Larry D. Jones said:

Went back to Chautauqua Lake this morning, we went 3 for 4 but all only low 30"ers.

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