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Thank you, Jay!

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I launched in the river at 2am Sunday the 20th.  My brother was planning on meeting me, but unfortunately illness held him back.  I said a prayer for Jerry and then did something I normally don't do in prayer, I asked for a nice fish to start the season.  Within an hour and a half the nice fish prayer was answered and Jerry found relief for his ailment shortly there after.  

Hans Mann has been making a terrific new fish catching bait that he calls the Carver.  Being the amazing friend that Hans is he gave me a few that run at various depths.   I started using his baits in December of last year and scored a chunky river fish right away.  It was one of these baits that score me my first fish this season on the Niagara.

3:30 am and my reel let out a labored alarm as the Carver was stopped in its tracks.  Once the rod was out of the holder and in my hands, the weight and massive side to side head shakes confirmed my suspicion that this was a large musky.  The fish stayed down even tucked herself under the boat before I could finally get a look.  A huge set of shoulders and massive yap stared back at me for a moment before shooting down again.  I managed to net her once she surfaced again, but the net job was anything but smooth.  She made an evasive move at the net and managed to hook the Carver on the outside ogf the bag.  Uhg!  I maintained my cool and after a few attempts to slip her in the net bag, she was finally there.  

I had noticed John Pensyl's truck at the Sheridan launch. I called and he picked up.  John dropped what he was doing to take some photos  and help me celebrate.  Thanks a bunch Johnny!

52 inches of thick hard fighting river musky.  I'm pumped 

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What a great way to start the season. Congrats!!

Very nice John!! Is that an NMA river record?

I hope Jerry is doing ok and he can get out this year.

CONGRATS! That's a beauty of a fish!

Stephen Jerry has had his ups and downs, but we have fished together and will fish more this season. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. I left out the best part, she took off like a lightning bolt the second her belly touched the water. I didn't even have time to adjust my hands on her.
Great night brother
Good work
That was an awesome night Johnny. Congrats again, was an amazing moment to share out there. Queen

Absolutely beautiful fish!  Congratulations.  Very cool that you got her on a Hans Mann Carver bait.  

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