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Thank you, Jay!

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Good Day  If anyone has horse shoes or a volleyball, please bring to picnic. Not for me, but for others,  by that time it will be

jojo sits, out

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Ill bring some Shotguns and a pigeon thrower we can all shoot trap

Maybe Can Jam would be more our speed.  How about cards?

I have horseshoes but don't have the stakes or whartever you call 'em.  I can bring the shoes and a sledge. Somebody bring two pipes to pound in.  If there are some already there, we're good.

Horseshoes blows!  While not for the faint of heart, croquet is the game of kings. It takes nerves of steel, a calculating mind and a cold unforgiving heart to master of the wickets.  I say we have a croquet tournament for a Perchbait at the summer shindy!  Anyone have a set of balls (whoops), mallets, stakes and wickets?

are you describing croquet or musky fisherman: nerves of steel, calculating mind & cold unforgiving heart...or is that "cold hands in unforgiving weather"?  Will jojo balls work for croquet?

Good deal. No horseshoes.  I'm tired of lugging them around the last few years anyway.

Don't let my dislike of horseshoes diminish your passion for lugging things around!

Scott, How about bean bag toss? Basically the same. Ha Ha!!

Or maybe we can expand on the casting contest and make it a teams event. Maybe we could make it a progressive contest, increasing distance with each progression. Maybe there could also be a penalty for hitting or getting caught in the trees. Another thought would be make the target with three sizes, each being inside the next largest with the outer one being one point, middle one is two points and center one being three points. There could be multiple prizes such as lures or raffle tickets.

There will be no time for games as the raffle table will knock everyone for a loop

I hope so frank! im gonna bring all my coins to coinstar!

I just got my first pension check last week.  Please don't tell my wife that I'm bring the $$ to the picnic.  If she calls looking for me, I'll be at the raffle table.

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