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Thank you, Jay!

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Now that the FIFA World Cup has concluded, the world's sporting attention has turned to the Niagara Musky Association Fantasy Football League playoffs.

The wheat has been separated from the chaff. The cream has risen to the top. The M&M's have been rescued from the trail mix.  The baked cheese has been extracted from the French onion soup.  Or any other cliched idiom you can think of which infers only the best teams remain in contention for the NMAFFL title.

In one semifinal Jim Kinner's King Salmon squad hosts the Steelballz of Dan Lacko.  

Led by hometown boy Josh Allen, the Salmon ran upstream and away with the league's regular season title posting an impressive 12 and 2 record.  Their only losses came at the hands of your humble narrator.

The Ballz are led by their triple  threat running backs Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey and Josh Jenkins, arguably the best three-headed monster since the Fish fielded Larry Csonka, Jim Kiick and Mercury Morris, or King Ghidorah.

Yahoo! predicts Jim to defeat Dan 175 to 172 in a nail-biter.

In the other semifinal game, Jim's better (some would say much better (hi, Jim!)) half Carole and her Furious Feline squares off with Mike Fretthold's Banana on the Boat.

The curved yellow fruits finished in second place and are led by running backs Delvin Cook and Leonard Fournette.

The Kitty Cats finished third in the regular season and squeaked by my Niagara River Skunks in the quarter finals, led by their one-two knockout punch of Patrick Mahomes and Stephon Diggs.

Yahoo predicts a 170 to 132  trouncing by the Felines.

Most fantasy football enthusiasts are hoping and praying, mostly in their mother's basements or while standing in line for Popeye's new blackened chicken sandwiches, for a Kinner vs. Kinner Super Bowl.

The world's foremost sports legend has been wearing his NMAFFL allegiance literally on his back.  

(Messi pointing to Furious Feline faithful in Qatar.)

Lionel Messi, the greatest footballer of all time, after hoisting the World Cup trophy for Argentina on Sunday can be seen screaming, "ire agua dama," which translates to "Go Aqua Lady!" As Messi paraded with the trophy around the stadium shirtless, a brand mew "Ferocious Feline!" tattoo adorned his back.  

The Argentine faithful, caught up in their beloved son's obvious devotion to Carole's Ferocious team, could be heard chanting, "Carolina!" and "Felina Furioso!" for several days after the match had concluded.

Amazingly enough Felina apparel  has surpassed "Campion del Mundo" tshirt sales in Argentina.

Click on this link to view Andres Cantor's call on Telemundo of the...

Whoever you're rooting for this weekend, have a wonderful holidays doing so.

Here are my predictions: 

- Good enough for Messi and Cantor, good enough for me.  Go FELINA FURIOSA!

- The King is too much for the Ballz.

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In a seemingly Hollywood scripted finale, 1.3 points separates the first family of fantasy football in the NMAFFL championship. Jim Kinner has Josh Allen and Tee Higgins going tonight. Carole has Stephon Diggs, Devin Singletary, the Bills defense and legendary supermodel Elle MacPherson remaining. I had no idea she was such a good kicker.

My bold prediction: The team with the higher point total will prevail once the dust settles on this krazy, kooky, kinetic, Kinner, killer match up. Pretty bold, huh? Let's stick with hard consonants. Carole creams the Salmon tonight leaving Jim curled up and crispy like cast away cremated carp. Or Jim wins.

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