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Thank you, Jay!

This site is sponsored by NMA Member Jay Nannen.

We are NOT holding a membership meeting in August.  Instead we will hold a short (really short) meeting at our Summer Picnic next Sunday, and we'll pass out the 2019 and 2020 Top Ten awards and hats, as well.

Our picnic starts at 12pm next Sunday (the 8th) at Stiglmeier Park in Cheektowaga.  Our shelter is adjacent to the fishing pond.  Mark Wozniak, who secured the shelter for us, assures me there will directions to  the picnic in the form of signage, flares  and semaphore flags.

The club picks up the tab for the food.  We are having burgers, hot dogs, sausage, beans, corn and Claudette's potato salad, the very best in the known universe.   If you'd like to bring a dish or  dessert (or even a desert) to pass, please do.

Carrie and my dish to pass will be bottled water and soda pop in a cooler with ice.  If you'd like to imbibe something else, you are on your own.

Bring the kids and grandkids.  There will be a childrens prize table.  There are fish in the pond so bring a combo for the offspring.  The kids, not the band. The club will supply worms.  (Hey board, who wants to pick up the worms?)

The regular raffle table will be ridiculous.  The food will be great.  The company won't be so bad.  Show up. You'll have fun.

The NMA Picnic is free to members and their families.  See you Sunday, team.

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Here's a quick list of items that will be on our Picnic raffle table:

  • 5 Legend Perch baits
  • 3 Legend Outcasts
  • 5 Mr. Toothy divers
  • 1 Boss Shad
  • 5 Spanky blades with 80# line
  • 1 Shadzilla
  • 1 Twisted Sister
  • 1 Big Mama
  • 2 Medusas
  • 2 10" Poseidon's
  • 3 spools of 80# Power Pro
  • 9 Bottles of booze
  • 1 10' Chaos heavy Trolling Rod
  • 1 9' Chaos heavy Casting Rod
  • 1 Shimano Tekota 600
  • Corn Hole game
  • Lottery tickets
  • Gift cards
  • Other stuff
  • More, other stuff!

We just found more more other stuff to go with the other more other stuff:

  • Bubba blade
  • Two-bank onboard charger
  • Doggie ball flinger
  • Turtle doves
  • A partridge
  • A pear tree

Oops, too early for the last three.  We'll save those for December.

Doggie ball flinger!!! :( somebody win that for me. Ill be out of town for the new. Sry to miss it, looks like it's gonna be a good time as always.
John, I would try to win the doggie ball flinger for you, but Aurora would not be pleased. In the dog world, ball flingers are like Perchbaits. You may have enough, but for some reason you want more.
I'd assume u love them for the same reason I do. Its nice thst it allows long throws with ease, but far more importantly, it eliminates the need for me to bend over and pick up the ball.

Especially when you have your favorite people snack in one hand and don't want to give any up to the dog!! Hopefully the dog will chase the ball instead of begging for a bite.

John Pensyl said:

I'd assume u love them for the same reason I do. Its nice thst it allows long throws with ease, but far more importantly, it eliminates the need for me to bend over and pick up the ball.
John, you are right on the money. I want to buy whoever invented the ball flinger a present commensurate with the genius and practicality of their creation.
Eliminating dog slime covered hands and me having to bend over is geniis. Maybe a Porsche? Or one of the Hawaiian islands?

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