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Thank you, Jay!

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I checked the weather report and saw that Opening Day was to be hot, sunny, and calm. Not my favorite weather for musky fishing, especially when I can't escape to my west river hide-outs. So said I to myself, we're going to do something we haven't done in quite a while, we're going out at midnight. Now that's nothing new, I just haven't done it recently.

When I reached the Tonawanda boat launch, none to myself's or I's surprise I spotted two of my fellow sexagenarians, Tom Reinhardt and Carl Schenk (who, after further deliberation amongst myself and I, is beginning to look a lot like the wolfman). After the usual pleasantries we got ready to rock, roll and troll all night long (because that's what us sexagenarians do).

It being such a peaceful night I decided to run up to the harbor, which has been my opening day tradition for the past 30 years or so. And I set up to troll. At 1:30 I had my first fish. A big bass, which was quite small relative to a musky, so thought myself. Not what we're after. At 2:00, as I wondered why there was another boat here in my spot, I felt a tap on my lure, and then the line rips out. I pull the rod from the rod holder. Yes, I thought as it pulled line from my reel, it is a musky. And it felt decently heavy. 

So now what do I do asks I to myself. Afterall, it's been a long time since I fished at night with only I and myself. Now, don't think I'm new at this. There was a time, albeit many lives ago, that I worked at day and fished at night. But most nights I had reliable partners - Mark Maghran, Jon MacSwan, and Dave Melfi - all capable anglers of the dark. 

Perhaps the same cannot be said of myself. So I ask myself, what do I do now? Well answers myself, it is quite dark out, and I can't really see too well, the fish seems hooked quite well as it fights, so let's turn on the lights!

So I try to find the button on my remote for my spotlight, and while I fumble away I feel the lure fight free. 

Oh my I thought, next time you fish solo at night, be sure to leave myself at home.

And that's all she wrote and quit at 6.

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Great report. How many times have we had this talk regarding you or yourself fumbling with cameras, or in this case lights, before or during a musky fight? Oh, well. It sounds like you two had a nice trip.

That's better than most of the short stories I read! At least you had one on

I did not fish today,first time in many years missing the opener.I had to help a Captain friend move a 28 ft Baha from Big 6 Marina up the Niagara River to SBH,after he continued on to Dunkirk.I passed about 6 boats trolling the West River and 4 boats trolling outside the walls North & South Gaps Buffalo Harbor.Seen no Nets hit the water.

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