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Thank you, Jay!

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Fished the river from 7 AM until 2pm with Marc and Johnny. As a bunch of old family men who had the ok to fish all day we decided to brave the elements and use the south winds for a speed jigging attack. Started in the triangle and ended up with a diced tube on the Canadian shore and one in lunge lane. Wofted down the gut of strawberry and had a hot fish come boat side which followed my tube around 6 or 7 times with out getting any hooks. Had another follow from a smaller fish and then Marc reared back on what seemed to be a heavy fish, but it popped off after a brief fight. Jigging can really test your patience. Moved back over to the triangle and Johnny had had enough.....he lands a plump 44 on a chartreuse monster tube. Fished train bridge, sea world, strawberry again, then back over to the triangle. Johnny had put on a baby bass swim shad, and we were just talking about how the swimshads shine when the drift is fast. It was the right move becuz shortly there after he popped a blimpy harbor-like 49. It was awesome. Not sure how to get some pics on here....but I will try

Hans Mann

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Here's the pic

Looks like you could be the "A" team next weekend

There is no next week for me....out of town wedding.
Great time fishing with great guys. Gorgeous musky conditions out there today. I'm don't think I can fish next weekend either, but I sure will try. I know Marc is out next weekend too.
I saw two boats on the river when I drove by Strawberry around noon. Any idea who was in the other?
Great fish, Cheeks.
Thanks Scott. Sure felt good
If you went a year without a Top Ten fish, the world's economy would crash.
I'd call that a win. Take my money. Nice job boys.

Congrats! Good looking fish! Nice!! 

That is a great fish John!  Congratulations

", we need one with the same build and about 5 inches longer"......the comment tossed around the boat after landing a chunky 44. Funny how that sh*t plays out sometimes. Another memorable day with two great friends.

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