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Thank you, Jay!

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Went out Sunday afternoon with my wife.  I had tons of action in UN1.  Went 1 for 7... on a "swim shad like" soft plastic lure I had custom rigged for jigging.  The one I landed was mid 30's. ( I performed a quick boat side release ).  

Obviously, I need to find a better way to rig it this lure.   Must have had about 6 or more follows on it too.  One fish hit the lure 3 times and still didn't get hooked, which had me quite upset, so the rig is definitely a problem.  I will have Lacko, "the mad scientist", rig me up something involving a treble this week if he can.  Fishing is really picking up.  Get out there and fish!


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Well its encouraging to hear a good report, fished 9-2 and did not even raise a fish, my 4th trip out this year and yet to hook up.

Riley, Rod Ballard often says "a deposit in the musky bank" after a fruitless trip. Hang in there, your withdrawl date is running near. The question is how big? Your results are in no way unusual, just a tad low on the luck so far.

it must be the name...

Both valid points, always tough breaking the ice, it always seems to happen right away for me or take a long time. If it takes any longer now i have another excuse at least, "it must be the name", haha.

This year has left a lot to be desired...  but, this was a very cold winter.  Opening weekend was aggravating.  

Now that water is in the low 70's action seems to be better.  It's weird because in the last few years, fish have not been setting up in my usual spots.  

I also believe fish can become acclimated to certain lures.  I used to get action from at least 5 -10 skis on every opener on tubes...  I've gone 5 for 13 on a opener a few years ago.  The last few years I have had little or no action on tubes on the opener.

But, I also know, after fishing for muskies over the past 8 years, that there are slumps..... boy are there slumps.   I've gone 2 months without landing a fish only to win a tournament with 6 fish in 3 hours at the end of the 2nd month.  Musky fishing is a mystery.  But I definitely do think this iceboom keeping the water colder at our end of the lake if the lake freezes over, which has to force 90% of the food to the other end of the lake making the early bite horrible.   In my opinion, the river fishery has produced better for me on years the lake didn't freeze over. 

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