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Thank you, Jay!

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Went out with Scott Kitchen Saturday, August 17th at 6:30 am.  Fished till noon.  couple rips and follows, no fish to report.  It was slow with North winds.

Went back out that evening at 7:40 pm with Mike Fortunate.  Fished UN1 till about 10:30 pm.   At 8 pm, the winds were calm and changing constantly from different directions.  Started getting several follows at that time.  Between 9 and 9:15, hooked a 49.5 inch tank.  Mike did a great job netting the fish, especially since it was completely dark out.  Fishing at night can be hectic, especially when trying to land and release a fish of this size.  We tried to minimize the amount of time out of the water the best we could.  When I released her, as soon as she hit the water, she swam away strong, which couldn't have made me happier!  Usually the water is hot in August and fish like this would be a tough release, but thanks to amazingly cool water temps for this time of year, the fish swam away like the tank she is.  Very clean fish.  She looked untouched.  Not one scar on her.  I know the lake turned over recently and forced a lot of the larger walleyes and bass to the mouth of the river.  Wondering if this fish came from that direction.  It's all still a mystery to me.   

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Nice fish Adam. Nice night photo. At first I thought the eye was glowing red from the flash but the red dot is actually above the eye.

yea buddy

Congratulations on your Niagara personal best!  What a fish!


Nice fish; nice report!!  Congratulations!!

Awesome fish kaz! Congrats bro!

What a great fish!!!


Awesome fish Adam! Congrats!

I think the picture would be better if I wasn't making that stupid looking face! LOL.  

But, Mike and I wanted to minimize time out of the water... So I'll take what ever photo I can get! LOL

Thanks guys!

That's ur signature big fish face! Wouldn't be the same without it!

Adam, we often have an elevated sense of ourselves and sometimes in pictures our flaws are brought to light.  I know pictures always make me look really fat.  I've got news for you; that "stupid look" is the norm and not the exception!

If that's not the case, maybe you just have to go to the bathroom really bad when you catch all of these big fish?  On second thought, that can't be the case, otherwise "The Facilities" Fortunate would be popping horses every time out. (Mike, I didn't want you to feel left out and I never hesitate to work in a potty humor shot.)

What can I say Scott...... Big fish make me constipated!  LOL. Here is the first pic Mike took which shows me mid soiling process!  Thought you might get a kick out of it! HA!


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