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Thank you, Jay!

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After reading the last few posts, I decided to give the river a try.  Joyce and I went out on Thursday at noon.   She took a few magazines and I had a Plano full of tubes. Quite a breeze but still fishable.  Black tubes weren't producing.  Weeds were insignificant.  Joyce kept suggesting a lighter tube because  "how can the fish see something that dark down there?" Trying to split the difference, I switched to a purple jig. Purple??? I figured anything is worth a try.  I lost the jig in two minutes on a snag to end all snags.  Joyce said "I see a white jig in the box, why don't you try it?"  After 56 years of marriage, I am well trained, so I put the white one on. On the second drift, it happened. "BITE" I yelled. Joyce started to get up to get the net.  I told her not to bother.  She asked how big was it.  I told her about one inch - it was a bee that bit me on my middle finger, left hand. First time ever stung. (my finger tip is still hat, 18 hours later)

I stopped at the Rich Marine office on the way home to get an ice cube for it and Mark told me that last week he stepped on a bee in his yard and ticked off a bunch of bees and he was stung 16 times. That didn't sound like fun.

On Monday, I met my daughter in law and granddaughter at Mississippi Mudds for dinner. That turned out to be a mini disaster. There had to be 50 or so customers, all socially distant.  Most everyone had sweet potato fries with honey. We all had hundreds of bees pestering us. I think they should set one table with 25 containers of honey so the bees would go there and leave everyone else alone.

Stay safe!


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