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Created by Scott McKee Nov 26, 2014 at 1:32am. Last updated by Scott McKee Feb 5, 2017.

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Thank you, Jay!

This site is sponsored by NMA Member Jay Nannen.

   Well about a week before my trip to Cave Run, my father and i went to change the oil in the main motor. When we took the oil plug out we were SHOCKED to see the amount of water mixed in with the oil. Checked all seals which were all fine an came to the conclusion it must be a head gasket.(If u put regular 10% ethanl gas in ur boat DONT!! ITS TROUBLE)  Called Anchor Marine to see if they could squeeze us in before we left an the best they could do was the Tuesday after the trip. So while im thinking the trip is lost and gone an going to have to cancel a trip that has been in the works for months. Then it hits me we still have the kicker 9.9 merc we could just troll spot to spot, but is traveling 9 hours with a bum motor a good idea? Probably not. After a long hard decision, Fish or Not to Fish?, I realized it wasn't a hard decision at all. WERE GOING FISHIN

My good friend Rob an my cousin's husband, Andy arrived at my house around 9:30pm, packed up the truck hooked up the boat an we were on the rode by 10:15. Drove till 5am an decided it would be a good idea to stop at a rest stop an catch a few Z's. Woke up at 7:30 an ready to drive the final stretch. Arrived at Lake View Motel at about 9:30am an after checking in and unpacking we conveniently lauched at scotts creek marina across the street at about 10:30. We found Water temps to be between 46-48 degrees an visibility was atleast a few feet at the north of the lake. We casted an trolled caney creek, big/little cave run, zilpo flats and a few of the hollows along the muskie bend stretch with no luck. Actually we didnt see any signs of live what so ever, no bass musky crappie or shad/baitfish. Everyone we talked to said the same bass musky or crappie fisherman alike. An to put the odds against us even more the fish finders died not having a main motor to keep the batteries charged. Put the trolling gear away after that, to risky of a lake to troll with out knowing whats under you.

After hearing that there was a locale bass an musky tournament Saturday launching out of claylick we decided to launch out of longbow on beaver creek to try an stay away from the crowds. The water temp was in the low 50's. Didnt work much but lucky it was mostly bass fisherman in the area an only seen a handful of musky fisherman all day. After fishing some awesome looking standing timber an we worked our way into skidmore creek for the second time of the day after seeing a few gizzard shads earlier on. A tad before 5pm felt a distincted "THUMP" on my leo rubbertail jerkbait about 15 feet from the boat. After a quick battle had a beautiful plump an clean 39" in the net. Fished for a few more hours without another strike.

Sunday was suppose to be breezy so decided to head back to beaver creek to hit the same likely spots as the day before. Fished till 2pm with nada but a accident had happened an a treble hook was lodged into the side of Andy's head. First words out of my mouth after i made sure andy was ok considering hooks in his dome was "make sure we bring some hook cutters with us because i doubt the hospital will have any". After cutting the lure an the unlodged hook off we headed for Morehead to the nearest hospital. Well in a big hurry to unhook the boat at the motel before heading to the hospital, ofcourse I forgot the hook cutters. IDIOT! Andy was taken in after only about 20 minutes of being there but it took them close to an hour to find a tool to cut the hooks. Then close to another half hour to turn an push the hooks through the skin on the side of his head. Ended the night at buffalo wild wings for a few drinks and grub.

Planned on fishing early monday before we hit the road but after the accident an the night at B-Dubs (as the cute southern nurses called it) we were just gunna sleep in a little then get a head start home.   


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Thanks for the report Cory, Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, preparations and inspirations, not every fishing trip we take is an overwhelming success.  On the bright side, it's always challenging and exciting to fish new waters and I'd bet you, your dad and your buddy Rob will look back on this trip fondly and laugh yourselves silly over the little setbacks thrown in your way.  Sitting here typing this I know I'm a bit jealous.  Any pictures?

A treble in the face? How did that happen? Hope everyone is fine!

Considering the hiccup's we faced before and during the trip, we had an absolute blast. Unfortunately my father didnt partake in the trip since hes not a big fan of musky fishing, but am extremely thankful he lets me use the boat at freewill. This was my second trip to the cave so i had atleast a decent idea were the launches were that we could just drop the boat in an start fishing without much traveling. An thank the lord it wasnt in the face but the side of Andy's head a few inches above his ear. Lucky it was a rattlin shad and not a typical musky lure with 3/0-6/0 hooks. He handled it like a champ. It happened while i was making a pb an j an gave rob the helm at the trolling motor. He' s inexperienced with the trolling motor an was putting to much focuse into boat control instead of looking over his shoulder on the backswing. A crappy experience but glad to be a part of for future references, not all fishing locations have a hospital near by who knows i may have to remove a hook some day an now i know how. By the second round of drinks at B-dubs all was well and there were enough laughs to go around.       

Great report, Cory.  The issues are what make the trip extremely memorable (in my opinion, that is)!  I am heading down to Cave Run next weekend, so your detail on the lake was greatly appreciated.


Don't forget about the alcohol induced weirdness and gasoline fueled mayhem Joe! Did I ever tell you about the time we put a leopard frog in Papke's drink to get back at him for feeding us  pickled herring that expired in the 1940's?  You wouldn't think a Siberian Husky could burn six racks of ribs.  Have you ever seen a pike take down three barrels?  Muskies are tough, but try releasing a skunk.  Have you ever gone night fishing for moose?  Have you ever been to a Bull Dawg puppet show?  Don't forget to keep the gas away from boys after they've pulled a few corks and don't let your buddies eat deep fried sausages, ever...

Now those are some serious stories that I will need more detail on!  I think it would make a great presentation one of these months...or just tell me a couple of these before/after/during next month's meeting :)


Good Day

Nice story Cory.

Scott wasn't it a Raccoon we had to release or was that the one the bit us?   What about the seagull releases? The disappearing cooler of beer (unintentional of course)? The disappearing Bourbon (intentional)?  Or Big Fish Bruce and  Yosh dancing on the poor little end table. Crunch.  I can still taste those disgusting pickled herring Papke gave us? It was and still is a  bunch of blurred  memories. We have to get back to Sturgeon  Lake one of these days.


Amen brother.


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