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Keep in mind that I am always looking for images for our newsletter; fish, sunsets, sunrises, other anglers fishing, equipment, anything fishing related. I can use them all.  Large, unedited images are best. Thanks.

Created by Scott McKee Oct 31, 2018 at 1:09pm. Last updated by Scott McKee Oct 31, 2018.

Moon Phase


Thank you, Jay!

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I fished today with Bruce, Carrie, Snoopy and two Iron Sheiks (although not all at once) from 8:30am to 6:30pm. We trolled and cast UN3, 2 and 4 (we pounded the living hell out of 4), without so much as a rip, follow or sniff.  Good grief. The suck continues for the green Lund.  This is getting frustrating.  How does Snoopy, the greatest WWI flying ace and musky private detective (page 9 ) the  world has ever seen, and TWO former WWF champion Iron Sheiks get skunked while fishing for ten hours?!  Terrible, miserable business.  One of the Sheiks did manage to land a Mr. Toothy pictured below.  Bruce and I will be back out tomorrow before the poop hits the fan.  Best of luck out there and everywhere else.

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Wow. I am speechless. If any of you are planning on fishing this morning, don't bother. I will be on the water.

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