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Thank you, Jay!

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Thanks to the NMA'ers who stepped up and made purchases of Len's lures at last night's meeting. Sales totalled $610.00.  His kids will be thrilled.


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Frank...thanks for the nice tribute you made to Lenny. He was one of the very first people I met at my very first meeting before I even considered being a member. Every family has a "favorite uncle", a friendly, bear-hugging type who people love having at family gatherings. Lenny quickly became my favorite NMA uncle. Thanks

John: When you fish with a guy for 30 years, you really get to know him.  We discussed politics, weather, family, church and even a few (lot) of funny stories.  You also get to hear some things that are truly meant only for close friends.  Stuff that I will take to my grave. He was a big tough guy who was as gentle as a kitten. I can't wait to buy a drink for the first guy to tell me he got a fish on one of Len's lures.

You better open up your wallet, Frank. I'm going to fish those lures hard.

I don't have any friends that I've fished for 30 years with. I can't imagine why, but I have fished regularly for 30 years with my sons (& their friends). You two guys are a very rare breed

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