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Created by Scott McKee Nov 26, 2014 at 1:32am. Last updated by Scott McKee Feb 5, 2017.

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Thank you, Jay!

This site is sponsored by NMA Member Jay Nannen.

Okay, Ladies and Gents….
It’s that time of year again. For we musky anglers this has many meanings. Firstly, it is the best time of year to catch a giant, we all know this. Secondly, there are only nine days left in the season. Nine DAYS!?!?!?!? Yep, nine days!!! Thirdly, we are approaching our famous (at least a little bit (Scott says it used to be infamous)) Christmas Party!!!! Not only do we get an amazing buffet dinner at a majorly discounted price of $7 a head, but we also get to share warm stories from the 2013 season, and talk and generally catch-up with each other in a very relaxed setting. Let’s face it; December’s meeting is always the best of the year. Also, we give away our Jr. Angler awards at this event, so if your Jr. Angler has caught a musky this year, please bring them! The kids are always super pumped to receive their awards, and it is definitely heartwarming to see youngsters so excited about angling (please contact Scott M. prior so we can make sure to have their award ready. He informs me he hasn’t received any entries. )
The party is informal, but there are a few suggestions:
1.) Please make sure you pay $7 for your meal (CHEEEEAAAPPPP!!!!!!) (Trust me I did party planning, and this is the best deal in WNY)
2.) It is suggested that you bring a dish to pass…… preferably a dessert. (Not a requirement, but a suggestion that Scott hopes you follow, lol! He’s a bit of a sugar junky these days.)
3.) As in previous years, we are holding a food drive for the Food Bank of WNY. The first year we managed to donate 175 lbs. of food. (Not bad!) The second year we donated 258 lbs. of food. (Even better!!) This year I am posting the challenge to all NMA members that we destroy our previous totals. Scott and I are blue collar kids (he’s more of a blue collar middle aged man) and if we can manage to pick up $20 worth of groceries for those less fortunate than ourselves, I’d bet you can as well. Please, please help those in need and bring a bunch of non-perishable food items. I can’t wait to see you all at our fabulous Christmas Party, and I thank you in advance for all of your donations!
PS: Judging from our Web site membership, you are probably male. Let your wife or girlfriend know about our food drive, that way we’re guaranteed to break our record from last year! Scott would forget his head if I didn’t remind him! (Seriously, he would. Girls please remind your boys! And vice-versa!!!)

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Board Member
Comment by John Jarosz on November 21, 2013 at 9:33am

Carrie...I took your advice & let my wife know, just like you said.

Anyway, we would also like to donate a frozen turkey (20 lb?).  No, not my big, obnoxious uncle standing in the cold, but she grilled me like I was a suspect in a car-jacking, just to make sure the turkey doesn't get thawed early, and also because I don't think of all those things like I should.

So, here's the grilling I got.  Can the frozen turkey be taken care of if I bring it to the Dec party?  Will it be kept frozen until it's donated to the Food Bank?  I can pack it in ice in a cooler during the party.

Does the Food Bank have the facilities to keep it frozen until it's distributed?  Scott's not going to use the turkey as a jo-jo ball weight, is he?

I'll also bring at least $20 worth of groceries to the Dec meeting but if the frozen turkey idea falls thru, I'll bring more non-perishables, but the way I figure it, a whole turkey can provide a good meal for a family, plus a lot of left-over turkey sandwiches on rye bread slathered with mayo & a lot of pepper (I'm getting hungry, already).  And the family can even make a turkey carcass soup out of the leftover bones.  Nothing gets wasted.  I even pick my teeth with the beak, but we won't go there.

She loves to make these knock-out deserts but I generally don't eat much of them.  I'm not a big desert eater, but she promised to make this thin chocolate thingy that got cleaned out at the last party we went to.

Looking forward to the party!

Board Member
Comment by Scott McKee on November 21, 2013 at 1:44pm

I think the Eldridge Club should be able to keep your bird frozen during the meeting.  Carrie and I will do the same until we make the donation.  The Food Bank of WNY is a warehouse complete with walk, and drive in freezers and coolers, so there should no problems on there end.  Thanks Mr. and Mrs, Jarosz!

Board Member
Comment by Carrie Keane on November 21, 2013 at 3:31pm

I called the Food Bank of WNY, and they assured me that they have freezers and would very much appreciate turkey donations.  I will bring a large cooler as transport, and we have a place to store the turkey frozen overnight until we go to the food bank.  Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Jaroz in advance for your generosity (and yummy dessert!)

Board Member
Comment by John Jarosz on November 21, 2013 at 6:00pm

Carrie & Scott...thanks much for checking up on that for us & keeping the turkey from thawing.  I just wanted to make sure that it wouldn't go to waste if donations exceeded the capacity to handle them.

...and thanks for taking the time to check into it.  That's really appreciated.  Shirley (and don't call me Shirley--what movie?? (that's a give-away) said she is going to make three cookie sheets of those thin chocolate thingies.  I think they're chocolate.  I don't eat them but they've been cleaned out at other parties, so I'm assuming they're good.  Let's for Carrie, one for Scott...and one for the rest of the party.  Sounds fair to me.

But, most of all, we're honored (especially me) to be members of the NMA.  She didn't hesitate a second & already brought home a 15# turkey.  I've made new friends, learned a lot about muskie fishing, done some conservation projects, won prizes at the raffle table, been involved in community projects (the fishing contest, Outdoor Show at the Ag) & just generally had a good time.  What's impressed me most though, is the PASSION of the membership towards the muskie & any group with that much passion has to be on the right track doing the right things, and the fact that the NMA is making a food donation to the less fortunate just shows the heart that is in this club.

Thanks again

Board Member
Comment by Mike "the facilities" Fortunate on November 22, 2013 at 8:39am
Ill be bringing a ton of stuff!! I go spend $20 and clean out the cupboard! Lol

Board Member
Comment by Carrie Keane on November 24, 2013 at 11:19pm

Thanks Mike & Jamie in advance for your donation!!! P.S. If anyone else is planning on bringing a turkey (or anything else that has to be frozen/refrigerated) Please let me know in advance so I can make sure I have a big enough cooler. THANK YOU!!!!


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