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Thank you, Jay!

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In a group text this morning, John Pensyl let slip that he was enjoying chili from his Thermos at home after his partner had to cancel. I text back, "chili on board is risky business this time of year!"

How do I put this delicately... Uh... when nature calls in the spring and summer, options abound on the water. In the fall the list of beaconing bathrooms is much shorter.

I would bet, like me and others I know, on days when you're fishing long hours you might spend a little more time in the bathroom before heading to the water. My friends and I would intentionally look for rental cabins with multiple bathrooms for this (and other reasons.)

I try to know as many spots up and down the river in case I have to use all 175 horses to prevent a, uh... disaster.

Here's a list of relief stations for emergency situations:

  • The foot of Sheridan has a porto-potty this time of year, but not always. I wonder if it blew down to Kenmore Avenue after this last storm?
  • The foot of Ontario doesn't have a porto-potty (as far as I know), but it does have reasonably quick access to two bathrooms at Tim Horton's and McDonald's. Despite the penguin walk from the launch, at least you can re-arm your boat with coffee, donuts or burgers.
  • Anchor Marine has saved me a few times.
  • If you get caught down river, you can dock at Swiston's and use their facilities. Pay them back by ordering a drink or perhaps a beef on weck or wings to go. You can't go wrong with either.
  • In the lower there use to be porto-potty in Fort Niagara, and there are a few options near the Youngstown' and Lewiston' launches, but I haven't been down there in awhile.
  • The same goes for the harbor. Is the restaurant or offices at the small boat harbor (or whatever it's called now) still open this time of year? Life savers, both of them.

I'm sure there are other oasis out there. If you know of any, don't be shy to share.

Better safe than sorry (or stinky).

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One gift I seem to have is Im pretty regular. Usually I can go in the am and be good for the day. I can only think of 1 time in all of these years where I've had to invade canada to use one of their wonderful st. Lawrence Islands as my personal Porto potty.

I fished with a guy back in October that is a frequent boat pooper tho. 1 thing I will say is he has it down to a science. He stacks the musky boxes as a privacy wall and hangs a bag right in the livewell. Its his own personal throne. Lmao.

Years ago Cullen caught a tank December 48 incher from the niagara after having an emergency "go" behind the Sheridan launch dumpster. To this day we joke that he should have tried "shi% behind the dumpster" as a tactic when he has a slow day.

My buddy timmy once had a 5 fish day with me with 2-48s, a 46, a 45 and a massive 54. He used one of those quebec islands before his first fish hit the bag. After that he was unstoppable. Something to be said about poop free confidence i guess.

Graphic, but vivid, John. Perfect! Of course there are always islands, but I was leaning towards more sophisticated accomodations. I'm also pretty sure that island missions would require a portable crane to get me upright again. I must say the live well set-up should have been a Musky Hunter featured article or television special.

Maybe because of being a hunter for over 50 years I'm very comfortable grabbing a small tree trunk, dropping trou and leaning back, so for me it seems natural to run the boat onto the beach on Strawberry and climbing ashore. Sure beats sitting over the remains left by others in some nasty, smelly portapotty. 

At the Small Boat Harbor launch ramps there is one porta-potty right now that is strapped down. Used to be four before the big storm. Three of them might have been blown into Tifft farms.. One for sure, but you'll have to walk up the launch ramp which is like walking uphill when you have to "go."

Just another reason to wear a mask.

Then there is the problem on the colder days of getting through all the layers before there is an accident. Good reason for bibs over full suit.

Musky hunters have no need for the live well unless nature calls!!!!

Stephen Glassic said:

Then there is the problem on the colder days of getting through all the layers before there is an accident. Good reason for bibs over full suit.

Easily the crapiest topic discussed to date

Are you distantly related to Henny Youngman, Frank?

Keep in mind with bars/restaurants closing due to Erie County being "orange" their facilities may no longer be available (including Tim Hortons & McDonalds.)
Oh, dear God, NO!!!!
Goodday brother’s n sista’s
While we are talking crap
Let’s discuss what I call the “River Dump”
The River Dump changes seasonally
In the warmer months I don’t have to leave my drift? Just jump over remove your shorts be careful to not lose m’. Use the worlds largest boudoir to clean up, no paper work necessary,
But beware of floating land mines?
In the colder months I sit on the side boat hang off the side and let it fly.
If it’s rough out I keep a bucket on board and
“seat myself”...
The river dump is a lot safer then the ocean dump? Once while performing the ocean I took my skin diving mask to look around for fish and much to my surprise, 10 miles out middle of nowhere, I jump in 20 from a Hammer Head Shark! Luckily he was a scared of me, as I was of him! He took off and I was able to breath again...

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