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Season & Size Limits

Musky Season

New York State

Upper Niagara River & Lake Erie / Buffalo Harbor

  • Opens: 3rd Saturday in June
  • Closes: November 30th

Lower Niagara River

  • Opens: 3rd Saturday in June
  • Closes: December 15th


Upper & Lower Niagara River

  • Opens3rd Saturday in June
  • Closes: December 15th

Ontario side of Lake Erie

  • Opens: 1st Saturday in June
  • Closes: December 15th

Targeting muskies out of season is illegal!  Call (800) TIPP-DEC (847-7332) in New York, and (877) 847-7667 in Ontario to report poachers. Save these #'s in your phone!


Musky Size Limits

New York

  • Upper & Lower Niagara River: 54"
  • Lake Erie / Buffalo Harbor: 54"


  • Upper Niagara River & Lake Erie: 44"
  • Lower Niagara River: 54"

The Niagara Musky Association strongly encourages you to release all muskies.  For information on how to handle and release muskies properly, click HERE.  PLEASE LET THEM ALL GO!!!

The Niagara region encompasses two countries; USA wherein a New York State fishing license is required, and Canada wherein a Province of Ontario fishing license is required, and four separate fisheries that have different regulations and size limits for muskellunge. The NMA recommends both a New York and Ontario license be purchased. New York’s license year runs from October 1 to September 30.  Ontario’s license year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Click on the link below to purchase a New York State Fishing License:

NYS Fishing License

An Ontario license may be obtained by clicking on the link below. Anglers with an Ontario Conservation License may NOT keep any musky caught in Ontario waters!!!  Please let them all go.

Ontario Fishing License

Regulatory Guidelines for Managing the Muskellunge Sport Fishery in Ontario (see page 4)


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