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Thank you, Jay!

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Got out for a couple hours last night before dark and didn't see any sign of life. Then back out with a late start this morning. For my first time ever got a fish on the first cast of my first drift. And good news, it was a recap! The tag was covered in algae, and appeared to be barely holding on to the fish, but I think I was able to make out a 059. Eyeball tape and crappy rod measurement in the water put it around 39" and aside from a couple little marks here and there seemed to be very healthy. 

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A Robert De Niro in The Deer Hunter you are. Great going, Mike. First deer with the first shot on opening day. And the tag info is icing on the cake! Fantastic!!

Much better use of time than watching the Bills today.  Congrats.  Casting? Can you share vague details?


I was cranking a perchbait in 15 fow. it short hit once first so I paused and ripped and a second later hit a little better, I barely got the rear hook in the tip of its snout

I don't particularly care which UN, but East or West River? Fifteen feet of H2O, I might have to break out the fly rod.

Also my first fish of the year in US water ;) Good luck John, put some rattle in those flies it's getting dirty on the east side. Big winds coming too

Thanks, Mike. Heck of a lot of firsts in that outing. Hopefully you bought a lottery ticket that day, too!

Supposed to be windy just about every day for the next two weeks. It's starting to feel too much like winter for me.

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