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Thank you, Jay!

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In a few hours of fishing this afternoon Carrie and I caught nothing and we managed to lose my beloved Niagara Walleye jointed 10" Believer; a glorious lure with a wicked kick and recover and the instrument of numerous musky catches. Damn, she was a great one... Where is the fictional Aquaman when you really need him? Probably off talking to fish somewhere. I wonder if our Aquaman ever dives the east river?

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How did the water look Scott?
Wet. (Budumbump.) Milky-green when we started, but it was starting to turn brown when we finished. I'd say three feet plus with orange which is more than enough. I would expect the river to be mud for several days, probably longer. As December approaches and the long offseason looms, fish when you can in whatever Ma Nature throws at you. The biggest fish my boat has ever landed in the river was in muddy water. Think bright, loud, wobbly, straight paths, and slow speeds. Hammer structure like it owes you money. At least that's what has worked for me in chocolate milk... Don't forget the cookies.
51.8 to 52.4 water temps.

Fantastic pun filled response, Scott. I need to get ahold of you in regards to trolling the harbor. Will you be around Tinos on monday?

Thanks Scott!  My biggest fish this year came in water with less then 2' of visibility so I definitely support the "fish when you can" philosophy.

Riley, I will be around the Niagara on Monday. Stop in Saturday afternoon.

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