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Thank you, Jay!

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Went to the Wasteland today 730 to 230. Fished Coke Channel  most of the day. No Dice. Seen five boats total fishing. Did not see any nets. Surface temp. on my graph bounced between 43 44 degrees. Did see two spin outs on rt 5 while we were putting the boat on the trailer. Gotta love the looks ya get when your towing a boat in a snow storm.

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Josh,We got no hits either. I had a hard time pulling my boat back up the snowy ramp,4 wheel drive low with truck sliding sideways,finally spinning wheels and all got the boat out.You guys must have had a hard time once the ramp snow got packed and froze,

Larry, what color was the water???

Light Brown behind the walls & lake,maybe 1 1/2 ft visability.Coke Channel clear 1/2 way back.

Larry, no problems pulling the boat out. We got a little sideways but that Audi AWD found pretty good traction. I spoke to Dave Martin and he said he had to help a few other anglers pull their boats out due to no traction. One guy got a flat tire...mess


I called Joe H. and told him to call me if they needed me to bring down a couple 10 lb bags of rock salt,he did not call me so I figured everyone got out ok.I would have stayed around to help but I got off around 1:00 pm.Today is clean the snow out of the boat day,back out tomarrow.

Joe pulled out just after me Capt Larry.

Those Gortex sneakers from his wife have amazing traction and he pulled right out deep snow and all hahaha

Dave, Do you have a boat full of snow as well?

Yeah............ John Miller and I pulled out around 3:30pm.

Funny weather day, couple of times it looked like the snow would stop only to begin again harder than before, if that was even possible at times but it did.

Attached a couple of photo's but not sure they will post or not.

Nice looking graph in photo#2

At one point John said "have any idea where the release tools are?"

my reply "Uhhhhh.... in a black bag somewhere in the snowdrift" lol

Had  a custom full enclosure made for my boat but am waiting for the real bad weather to put it on lol


I told people in my office that I fished on Friday and Saturday. They asked me if I was nuts.  Then I showed them your pictures and they are now of the opinion that musky fishing is more addictive than drugs.  By the way, were those shad on your graph????

Very well could be Frank, John and I both made the same comment to each other as in some cases we were seeing different bait patterns than the usual blanket of emerald shiners that have become the norm there.

And......... (drum roll......) had a small shad impaled on my Brett's Harbourmaster at one point.

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