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Thank you, Jay!

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Fished the harbor with my buddy Greg this morning til noonish. Started off the day by pulling a no brainer and leaving our pfd's in my truck....immediately upon exiting the harbor the law was on which point I realized I forgot our pfd's. Then they asked us for our licenses and my old Pal Greg pulled his no brainer and forgot his license. They were nice officers but when you mess up twice during a deserve to I'm paying a 20-100$ "not wearing pfd" ticket. Greg bought a replacement $5 license so we could still fish and they sent us on our way. Washed the lures and pulled out. No feesh

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Hans, I hope Liz doesn't read the site. Carrie would chop off my Jojo balls if I didn't wear a PFD this time of year.
I watched that zodiac zooming over from the North while still on the road. Knew they were up to no good. Lol
Well....I was blessed with an all natural full body flotation my pfd isn't as top of mind as all those skinny "sinkers" out there. Just kidding.....I wear my pfd all the time...just a stupid mistake.
Yeah....I think it was a "no pfd" sting operation.

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