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Thank you, Jay!

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I will not be able to fish the last day of the US season, but for anyone who is, it MIGHT be worth checking out the back section of what I think is called the union ship canal? Baitfish are absolutely stacked in there despite being about 1 degree colder than outside. I'm talking about graph crippling amounts of bait. Not the little quarter sized bait balls throughout the rest of the south gap area. And best part is the water is clear. Easily 10 feet or more visibility. I only had 30 minutes to fish it before dark but I had to constantly clean scales off of my hooks. Every cast was just thump thump thump hitting shad (guessing by soft shiny scales).

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I'm going to send this to the DEC & maybe they can keep an eye out for them tomorrow. They'll be in there pulling receivers.

Mike...the Union Ship Canal is near the South Gap area & runs almost due east. It goes under Rte 5, a four lane divided hwy.

The Coke Channel is in the same area but runs almost due South, parallel to the windmills.

The City Ship Canal branches to the right off the Buffalo River & goes towards a huge pile of sand. Interesting observation. Thx much

John Jarosz said:
I'm going to send this to the DEC & maybe they can keep an eye out for them tomorrow. They'll be in there pulling receivers.
Thanks John, still learning my way around. Unfortunately that receiver is likely to be completely encrusted in zebra mussels. Every blade of grass I pulled up had hundreds of baby ones stuck to it.

thanks, Mike. They'll let me know what it looks like. It affects its reception so there will be a lot of interest

Stopped down to Bouquard's & the Union Ship Canal & talked to the DEC about the retrieval going on.They also checked out the shad. Lots of forage jumping out of the water in the Union Ship. 

They throw a grappling out & try to snag the 100' of line between the receiver anchor & satellite anchor (concrete block). They had six receivers to pull & could only get four by noon. They tried & couldn't connect at the Bell Slip & at the Cargill. One option is to keep those two in until spring & try again. Batteries will last about 15 months.

Here are some pics from the Cargill & Union Ship:

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