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Thank you, Jay!

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Im perch fishing at the foot ferry and 2 older guys are casting off the wall for using a red october tube other a bulldog! So i start conversion with em by asking what they are fishing for( obviously i know)..they have no visible net at i ask do you keep them the guy says SHOCKINGLY no because he never caught one big enough! I asked the size limit and he knew! So i then told him id love to try musky fishing, and asked how he releases the undersized ones....he answered! I was shocked and then introduced myself and he was pretty pissed! Then he walked away and his buddy allowed me to "school" them in catch and release and proper care for a musky, and the tools needed! Needless to say im pretty sure they will ignore the advice and our 20 minute conversation , and kill many musky and unfortunately! ....his reply about releasing them was to "torpedo them off the wall into the water"...i wish i had backup with me!

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U don't want to know what goes on from the platform in the lower. Those muskies get dropped 10 feet back to the water and that's after they flop around on a metal grate. Muskies are caught there every day in June, half of them dragged in backwards after being snagged. I was once sent a pic of a musky on a rope with a bass from down there, fish was maybe 35 inches. If any place needs some permanent educational signage that be it. I have a good friend that is a well known taxidermist, this July a young kid brought in a 42 inch skii from down there. They turned him away and scared him shirtless.

Good Day

Sound like a good place for one of our signs.

I will put it on the list along with Niawanda.


about 17 years ago I used to fish the Ft of Ferry for Lakers, Small mouth and Steelies, we'd get the occasional walleye out of season too.  I seen a couple ski encounters during the couple years I fished there.  I have tried fishing Ferry in my boat before the bucket brigade get there in the morning a few times.  No luck yet.   

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