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Thank you, Jay!

This site is sponsored by NMA Member Jay Nannen.

When: This Sunday, December 2
Time: 7am to 4pm
Where: The Lower Niagara River
Entry Fee: $25 per NMA member
Photo Verification: Send an image of your fish to me on a non-flexible measuring device. I will post the current standings on our site as fish are sent to me. Check the site periodically so that fish smaller than third place won't have to leave the water.
Where to pay: The Lewiston Sand Docks prior to the start. We will have a participant to be named later collecting entry fees.
If you plan on participating in the Henning, please respond to this thread. If you commit, but are unable to participate please contact me prior to the start of the event.
Good luck!
(716) 225-3816

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Dave Martin & Jim Reynolds are in

That makes two. At this rate Dave and Jim are the heavy favorites.

Is anyone else planning on fishing the Henning? If not, we'll have our very own version of Tiger vs Phil as Toothy takes on Dave.

We are in
I just spoke with Toothy who is shacked up at the Jiggin's compound. He and JoJo are formulating a winning plan for tomorrow's Henning that involves flashers, musky sized perch rigs, ancient Spinda lures, ham sandwiches, magnets, a GoPro and strippers... Or at least that's what I think we were talking about...
The Town of Lewiston is reporting two missing telephone poles which were somehow uprooted last evening. On a completely unrelated note, Jim Reynolds and "Big Lure" Dave Martin will be pulling two Toothy prototypes tomorrow. The first is named the Stocking Program. It is a 34" lake trout looking bait with eight 3000# stainless steel wires sprouting from the lure which lead to eight 24" brown trout looking baits. To get this menagerie of lures down, Jimmy incorporated a man hole cover into the lip. The second bait is nicknamed the Los Angeles. The Los Angeles is less of a bait and more of a Los Angeles class US Navy submarine Jimmy welded hooks on to. The LA hasn't caught any fish, but it's towed sonar array is dynamite at marking fish.
Really quiet so far,any action yet?
Andrew Lacko has just released a 41".
Word from the lower has the visibility at 1 to 3 feet and the water temperature hovering around 40.
Since I haven't received any recent reports, the unofficial winner of the 2018 JHMT is Andrew Lacko with a 41". Congratulations!

that's the way to do it, Andy (unofficially, that is)

After reviewing all of the security camera videos from the lower river, I am officially declaring Andrew Lacko the JHMT champion for 2018.

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