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Thank you, Jay!

This site is sponsored by NMA Member Jay Nannen.

The 2017 Tim Wittek Memorial Tournament is scheduled for Sunday, November 5, from 7AM to 4PM.  In case you’ve never participated in one of our memorial tournaments before, or if you have better things to remember, I’ll outline everything (almost) you need to know:

1. The entry fee is $25 per angler.  Only members of the Niagara Musky Association are eligible to participate.  Tournament boats may have as many participants as their USCG sticker allows, provided that everyone on board is entered in the tournament and is a licensed angler.

2. Since the Wittek falls before our November meeting, signing up will be a little more difficult (chiefly for me) than normal.  Here are a few ways you can enter:

                - Send a check payable to the Niagara Musky Association, to:

                                Scott McKee

                                100 Evans Street

                                Williamsville, NY 14221


-          Confirm with me that you are entered in the Wittek prior to the event, and pay me afterward at the foot of Sheridan.  My phone number is (716) 225-3816, and my email address is  You can also message me via our website.  Please stand by your word.  If you have to cancel, contact me by 7:00AM the day of the tournament.

3. To enter a caught musky, a picture of the fish on a non-flexible measuring device will be required, as well as a witness to the catch.  Please measure from the tip of the tail to the snoot.  Please make sure you to measure the fish on a wet surface.  Please minimize the time the musky is out of the water.  

4. Eligible waters are the eastern end of Lake Erie, and the upper and lower Niagara River.

5. After releasing a musky please report the fish to me on my cell phone or on VHF channel 9.  Feel free to check in with me periodically throughout the tournament for leaderboard updates.  This will allow for quicker releases of fish too small to qualify for third place.  Carrie will also post updates on our website.  All releases must be reported to me no later than 4:00PM.  If you get bit at 3:59, land the fish really quickly and get on your blower.

6. Cash prizes are awarded for the longest three muskies released.  I believe the payouts are 50% to first place, 30% to second and 20% to third.  In the event only two fish are entered, I think the payoff is 60% for first and 40% for second.  If only one fish is entered, the lucky angler takes 100% of the pot.  If there is a tie, we’ll have Tony or Scott figure out what happens.  They’re smarter than I am.

7. There will be a post-tournament get-together at the foot of Sheridan.  We will be crushing Jojo’s chili like there is no tomorrow.  Stay away from Kitchen’s mouth if you know what’s good for you.  Jojo’s tournament entry fee will be waived to cover the expense of the chili, condiments and paper products.  I hope it’s a little chilly out when we eat the chili.  There is nothing better…

8. In the event of a Small Craft Advisory the tournament will be postponed.  The blow date will be the following Sunday, until we run out of Sunday’s in November.  If it looks like there will be a Small Craft Advisory for the day of the event, i.e. high winds on the way, I will postpone the tournament to save those with a long drive the hassle.  I will announce any postponements on our website the evening prior to the tournament.

9. All tournament participants must be valid fishing license holders and must abide by all applicable state and provincial fishing regulations.

If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact me.  Have fun, and good luck.

So, who’s in for the Wittek besides Carrie, Aurora and I?

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Chris Kempf & Capt Larry D Jones will participate.We will give Buffalo Harbor a workout!

The red Larson-y! will be fishing the Wasteland with Ken S ,Bill G and myself and Joe junior and Andrew Porzio will fishing in his Boat. Good Luck to all!! 

We are to 21 entrants! Nice. Sean, who are you fishing with?
We are in for both tournaments, I love back to backs
24 entrants! Solid.

Scott I will be fishing with Frank Varisco, our new member.

Scott McKee said:

We are to 21 entrants! Nice. Sean, who are you fishing with?
Please check our site tomorrow at 7pm for the status of Sunday's scheduled TWMT. If the likelihood of lightning is sufficient and certainly if a small craft advisory is issued, the tournament will be postponed until next Sunday. Hopefully this won't be the case.
Based of the chance of electrical storms tomorrow morning and wind forecasts hovering near the 23mph threshold for a Small Craft Advisory, I am postponing the TWMT until next Sunday, November 12. I care about you guys too much to risk someone getting zapped.
Good call Scott. The chili would have gotten wet and that's the part I'm looking foward to the most. I'm in for next week.
Finally had a chance,usually can't to get in a NMA Tourney and the weather knocks you out! Can't do Nov 12th charter fishing day,good luck to everyone that can get out on Nov 12th..
Sorry you can't make it, Larry. John, I'm with you on the chili.
An anonymous member has donated a $25 prize for the very first musky released during the Wittek next week. Damn it, I wanted to sleep in... ;)

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