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Thank you, Jay!

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Date: Tuesday, October 6

Time: 7pm (meeting room opens at 6:30pm)

Presentation: East River Trolling by Scott McKee, Joe Wilczewski and a cast of thousands

Suggestion: Mobile users should download the WebEx app prior to the meeting.


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Don't forget our online meeting is tonight.
Thank you to everyone who attended tonight's virtual meeting.

oh no!  I totally blanked and forgot about the meeting.  Any chance it was recorded?

Goodday brother
I also blanked out. Good thing I set an alarm ?
It woke me wondering what the heck for?
I’m so old need my to wake me and tell why to get up ???
The meeting is up on Scott’s link above.
His was power pointed I don’t know how I got up this morning???

Super presentation on trolling the east river by Scott.

For some reason I could see and hear everything, but nobody could hear me. I tried by phone and computer. First time that's happened. 

Thank you for taking the time to put together the presentation for last nights meeting. It added a few more areas to spend time in and also confirmed that what I have been doing hasn't been totally an  I did have questions at the end but assume the mute was on. They had to do with my trying to gain faith in the Believer. Jointed vs straight..pros, cons? Shallow eye vs deep eye? Depth curve against the current?  Doctoring the lure..2 larger hooks with extra split rings vs 3 hooks that it came with? It definitely feels different from the rest..

Believers catch fish, Carl. Jointed or straight are both great. I generally use the deep eye, but the shallow eye has its use. Put split rings on both eyes and loop your Stringease through both rings for a different action.  On most of my jointed Believers 65 gets 12 to 14 feet trolling cross current upstream.  I use three, 7/0 hooks on all my Believers and I extend the back hook with three split rings or a 500# swivel.

Click here for a Believer article I wrote a few years back. 

Here's another article that espouses Believers.

Both articles start on page 6.

Good luck fishing with plastic platypus looking lures, Carl.

I don't believe the presentation was recorded, Joe.  If you click on the link above, you can see the slides used. How did you forget about the meeting? Were you still licking your wounds from your first defeat of the season? Sorry about that...

Joe Dolan said:

oh no!  I totally blanked and forgot about the meeting.  Any chance it was recorded?

No worries about the loss...I go in every week expecting to lose!  Yesterday was my mother's birthday.  I guess I got caught up in the celebration that I blanked on our meeting.  I will go through the slides.  Thanks!

It was a real good presentation, Joe. Scott went into a lot of detail &, in spite of all of our knowledge on WebEx, Zoom, the Cloud, & the rest of our I.T. skills it went remarkably well. The Scott & Scott team (Scott-squared?) worked as well as some of the old tag-team wrestlers when I was a kid, "the Gallagher Brothers (Mike & Doc) vs Bobo Brazil & Ilio DePaulo." 

Forget the meeting. Happy birthday to Joe's mom!

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