Keep in mind that I am always looking for images for our newsletter; fish, sunsets, sunrises, other anglers fishing, equipment, anything fishing related. I can use them all.  Large, unedited images are best. Thanks.

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Thank you, Jay!

This site is sponsored by NMA Member Jay Nannen.

Our 2020 Tim Wittek Memorial Tournament will be held on November 8th from 7AM till 4PM, with the 15th and 22nd of November as back-up dates in case of inclement weather. All normal tournament rules will apply with the following variations for this year only:

1. To abide by current regulations in effect, all members must fish in their own country’s waters only. This means United States citizens must fish in US waters only and Canadian citizens must fish in Canadian waters only. Any fish caught by a member in the other country’s waters will not be eligible for consideration in the tournament.

2. All members are encouraged to follow all social distancing regulations in effect including wearing masks (covering both mouth and nose) when in close proximity to non-household residents.

3. Solo fishing will be allowed for this year, but pictures or video (as explained in the following bullet point) must be taken of each fish on a fixed surface measuring device. We will request that all members’ participating in the tournament provide a cell phone number, which will be provided to other members in the tournament. Other participating members will be allowed to call other members to have them come and witness their catch, including taking the photos of the fish on the fixed surface measuring device.

4. Hands free Video of measurement of fish and a safe release may be submitted for verification of fish caught during the tournament. The measurement must be done on a fixed surface measuring device with readable images of the head and tail of the fishes length on the fixed surface measuring device. Video of measurement without video of release will not qualify the fish for inclusion in the tournament. Both measurement and release footage must be submitted.

5. During the tournament, please report all releases to Scott McKee, who will immediately post them and update current standings on our website. Please check the website periodically during the tournament for these updates. This will prevent unnecessary board measurement of fish too small to show. (If the third place fish for example is 35-inches, there is no need to measure any fish smaller than 35-inches.) Scott McKee: (716) 225-3816

6. The entry fee for the Wittek is $25 per club member.

Payment: A check or electronic payment must be received by me prior to 7AM on November 8th to be entered into the tournament.

Please make checks payable to the: Niagara Musky Association
Mail to:
Scott Kitchen
234 Spaulding Street
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

If you have any questions please call me at: (716) 939-0006, or post your questions by replying to this forum string.

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Who is in for the Wittek? Carrie and I are chomping at the bit. (I'm chomping and Carrie is threatening to bite me.) Either way, we're in.

I am interest! 

Jojo n Toothy in n paid

When paying electronically what is the user name to send payment to? Sorry if I missed that somewhere.. 


You'll need to contact our tournament director, Scott Kitchen (716-939-0006) to pay electronically. See you in the Wittek.

Let's say you catch a fish in the Wittek.  What happens next?

  • Land the fish.
  • Remove the lure and all hooks.
  • Supporting the fish's weight remove the fish from the water and measure the fish from the tip of the head to the tip of the tail on your already wet non-flexible measuring device.
  • During the measurement process have your partner take an image or video with the fish on the board with the numbers clearly visible.  If you are fishing alone make sure your hands free video device is on for the entire measurement process.
  • Report your fish by calling or texting me at (716) 225-3816.
  • Within 48 hours following the conclusion of the Wittek, email your images and/or video to me, and Scott Kitchen,
  • Scott Kitchen will have the final decision on the first, second and third place finishers.

Any questions? Respond to this string or contact me directly.

I have two great reasons to enter the Wittek:

  1. Jojo will be distributing parcels of Musky Chili at the foot of Sheridan for all the good girls and boys who participated.

Here's an updated Wittek roster:

  1. Tony Scime & Louis Long
  2. Joe Hetzendorfer and Ken Szymanski (and possibly Bill Gliss)
  3. Joe Hetzendorfer, Jr. and Andy Hetzendorfer
  4. Joe Wilczewski and Jim Reynolds
  5. Andy and Dan Lacko
  6. Hans Mann and Johnny Miller
  7. Me and Carrie
  8. Sean Leary and Mike Rowan
  9. Carl Schenk

Not bad.  Enter the Wittek. It's fun and you get chili.  In today's world of participation awards, Musky Chili reigns supreme.

Made my arrangements with Scott K and I'll be joining in the fun too. See you on the water, but not at 7:00. Hope there's still some hungry fish in the afternoon. Good luck to all. My cell is 352-223-4982.

Sean Leary and Mike Rowan are also participating in the Wittek.

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