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Thank you, Jay!

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Jojo and I hit the river from 4:30ish to 9:30.  Other than a smallmouth, a buskie drive-by and a brief (very) buskie hook-up, we didn't do or see much.  We tried deep, mid, shallow and really tight; zippo.  Here's your tip of the day: The next time you're at Claudette's try the chocolate covered sugar cookies.  Out tomorrow with Carrie.  Good luck.

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I did my usual morning thing. Started at 5:15am. Mostly calm wind and glassy water. Nothing exciting happened until 9:30...


I switched to bass!

Now sometimes you gotta hate muskies for what they put you through to catch them.

But bass, you gotta love them. At times it seems they want to get caught. Now that's love. In a couple hours caught a bunch, including a couple 19 inchers (big smallies for me).

Tomorrow I'll be at the casino with my mother. But Wednesday morn back to muskies. I think.

But the weather looks like it's starting to change now.


Scott...we'll be waiting tomorrow for Carrie's post of what she caught.

Gee thanks, John!  Oh, are you a beauty!  Fish to the boat is always good.  I'm just fine with that short-lining so-and-so errrrrrrrrr... whoops...  uhhhhhh... Oh, boy.... I've done it now...  I mean Jojo Ball using wonderful, wonderful  lady out-fishing me every day of the week!  I better clean-up the homestead a bit and get my hands on some flowers...  Or maybe a puppy or a gourmet dinner... Thanks, John!!!!

Now you're learning!!  I have some flowers leftover if you want to use them to make some points.  They don't work for me, maybe they will for you.

BTW, I picked up my 9'-10wt Imperial St. Croix today...a real beaut!!  Can't wait to get it out there!!

You're getting really close to making it happen John. Dont forget we want a pic, preferably with the fly rod or fly in it if possible. You dont have a Gopro cam do you........? Good luck

John J., you definitely need a Go-Pro for your first musky fly fishing endeavor!  Just make sure you Go-Pro your first morning after.  The footage should make for some interesting (and disturbing) creaks, cracks, grunts, groans, winces and shrieks! Either way, the cover is waiting for the first musky of 2014 to be caught on a fly rod.  Riley V., has been giving it a good shot!

John M..thanks for the words of encouragement.

I got an email from Jojo today & he said "I will call you to go fly guy soon."

Ahhhh!, to fly fish with the master.  Can't wait.  Scott, to tell you how stoked I am, it's been years since I had a Canadian license.  Just bought a three year one with Conserv. tag the other day after you posted about the West R.

The equipment's ready:

1. 9'-10wt St Croix Imperial with 11 wt line

2. Sage 3810CF composite fly reel

3. Hand-tied musky flies

4. Jojo's hand tied wire leaders

5. One gallon bucket of Bengay

6. 500 count bottle of X-tra Stength Advil PM

7. 750 ml bottle of Grey Goose

8. Camera

(not necessarily in that order)

That should do it along with the standards like Knipex, Beckman, etc.

I've never cast an overloaded fly rod (11wt on a 10).  Is it easier to turn over the wet socks?  (Grey Goose?  Try Belvedere and don't forget the blue cheese stuffed olives and cracked ice.  PS: Don't enjoy your refreshing beverage in Canadian water.)

Most of my flyrods are overloaded to line one or even two sizes larger.  My 2 wt TFO rod has 4 wt line.  For my 6 & 7 wt rods I use 8 wt line.   Maybe it's because of the type of fishing I do.  Short casts out of my boat or 'yak.  the heavier line makes it easier to load the rod.

I do know of a guy who cuts off about 10'-20' off his WF line to compensate for the X-tra weight of a wire leader & wet fly.  I don't know what I'll actually feel comfortable with.

Only one way to find out & that's to get out there.  Jojo, where are you?

Thanks for the heads-up on the GG but that's strictly for at home when it's time to sooth the sore muscles.  As a rule, I never, ever take booze out on the water with me.  Too many amateurs out there & I need my full faculties.  Almost got run over one year night walleye fishing off Sturgeon & some guy in his Checkmate was on the way home from Mickey Rats...until I shined my one billion, gazzilion candlepower spotlight into his eyes.  That woke him up in a hurry & made him turn away!!

Belvedere, huh?  I'll have to give it a try.

I hope the musky like your flies. They sure don't like mine! 

Riley...I hope so, too.  The term "Shadow-casting" was once used to describe muskies on the fly.  We better prove them wrong!

Fished from 6 to midnight, launched from the sbh and ran down the river to un2/un3 to do some jigging/casting. Moved 7-8 fish with a few around 40 or so, plus caught a buskie by strawberry.Headed back to the harbor to do some trolling. Started out by the west breakwall out of the north gap. Minutes into our first troll the down rod with a grandma 60 ft back went off and my buddy Pete reeled in a feisty 38"er. Had 2 other rips, one seeming like a decent fish but was gone on the 2 count. Good to be chasing some teeth again, i was starting to get sick of bass.
Good luck out there

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