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Thank you, Jay!

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Jojo and I hit the river from 4:30ish to 9:30.  Other than a smallmouth, a buskie drive-by and a brief (very) buskie hook-up, we didn't do or see much.  We tried deep, mid, shallow and really tight; zippo.  Here's your tip of the day: The next time you're at Claudette's try the chocolate covered sugar cookies.  Out tomorrow with Carrie.  Good luck.

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What depths were you casting?

Wow!  Jojo and I couldn't move a decent a fish to save our souls yesterday!  Nice job, Cory!

Riley, 20 feet to 3 feet.  We spent most of time in less than 12.

All fish moved came from 13-14 fow or less in and around the islands.

Carl and I fished from 7 AM till 3:30 PM, UN1 from 25' to 12', UN2 from Frenchmen's to Lunge Lane and in as shallow as 8' along the west side of Strawberry down the southern point of Grand Island and never saw a fish. 

I think Carl got some great pictures of one of the eagles perched on a leafless limb on Strawberry Island.  So cool to have a bird like that right out on the river for all to see.   

Around 2 PM we moved to the Strawberry drift and had a 34" to 36" fish to the boat.  Neither Carl nor I were real eager to net the fish once we noticed all the spawning wounds, I am not sure I have seen one with more, and he took full advantage of our hesitation and flipped over and pop the modified swim shad right out. 

As Tony noted, there was no wind and those stupid little flying bugs were in my ears and stuck all over me and my suntan lotion.  Wind is nice, if just to get them away from me. 

Carrie and I are going to try the "Cory" tonight, with maybe a little "Tom Page" and "Joe Zolnowski" thrown in.

We skipped the "Cory" and the "Zolnowski" and went right to the "Page" before the stuff hit the rotating wind machine tonight.  We trolled for a half hour until the lightning was over Port Colborne when we shot back home.  We went to Sheridan to check out the boomers, but they never came.  Out for bass with a little teeth on the side tomorrow with Bruce.

Figure I should report, I've logged 16hrs and still have yet to move a fish. Tomorrow I will be pulling a full day. Sunup to sundown.

Best of Luck to you, Riley.  Hope you get that rush!

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