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Thank you, Jay!

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I just spoke to JoJo who reminded me to keep track so here’s my 2 week report.

6/27 was my first time fishing this season, and Mike Rowan and I jigged the river. Strong winds made for an agonizing bite- we encountered probably 8 or so fish judging by teeth on tubes, but I hooked 4, and landed 2. 2 I lost boatside. Couldn’t feel bites worth a damn, so a lot of it was luck on timing a lift. High 30’s and low 40’s fish in a fairly defined area.

7/3 we tried to repeat but just kept getting teeth but no hookups. Fish were nipping, but wouldn’t commit.

7/4 more of the same, and a few follows casting but lethargic fish all around. Mike said he was gonna call me Sean “misses two fish a trip,” Leary.

7/5- I saw Lacko pulling up his boat after limiting out on walleye, I took some comfort he said it’s been a rough go for him as well. My brother was in town so we decided to Bass fish. Started lazy at 9am or so- and as I reeled in the first bass of the day, a musky followed it to the boat; I quickly switched over to musky tubes. Proceeded to land a 38, 41, and 44 and begged my brother to take my other set up. He refused musky gear but let me change his bass tube color. Sure enough he’s hooked up, I confirm it’s not a snag, and grab the big net. His first ever musky is landed on a 3.5” bass tube, and hits the board at 43”

he hooks up again and this fish stays deep and unhooks once it’s under the boat. I’d really like to have seen that one- as it wasn’t moved nearly as easily as the 43. A bass later and the boat traffic shut down all activity so we packed it in around 2pm.

4 trips, 5 fish landed personally. I’m desperately trying to maintain a fish/trip average as I did last season. It’s the only comfort I can have as everyone else keeps boating these monsters!

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Goodday brother
Great report nice work

Solid report. Thanks!!

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