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Thank you, Jay!

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Started the morning at 2:30am on the water having to be back to the launch at 9. Spent the dark hours mostly casting, it was amazing being able to see the bottom in 13 fow or more in complete darkness with the moon being down. Around 645 I hook a fish in about 6 fow, I yell fish and proceed watch in fear as the fish comes to the surface and jumps and flips multiple times. I look back to my usually lightning quick partner and hes knelt down and appears to be tying his shoe or something. Fish is now running to the back of boat and I follow. Turns out when I said fish, my partner was pulling his bait out of the water went to set it down to grab the net and simultaneously buried one treble into his thumb right next to the side of his nail, and the other treble into the carpet. I grab the net and reach as far as possible for the fish. I get half of it in and lean back trying to leverage it in with the handle of the net against the gunnel. There goes the net. Now I'm watching the fish head shake outside of the net with lure tangled in, and the net about 10 feet away from the boat. I manage to swim the fish into the net and drag it all back to the boat where my partner is now unstuck from the carpet, helps me grab net and get the fish safely inside. Hook is out insantly and now it's on to my buddy's hand. Pushing it through wasn't an option because of the angle it was going in. I cut the flesh above the barb and a good yank it's out. Quick photo and release. No measure but maybe around 44 not really sure. A lot of chaos in a very short amount of time. What an experience. A few more drifts and then head for home 

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Nice going Mike. Muskie fishing is often long periods of nothing interspersed with a few brief moments of chaos.

That's a really nice looking fish. I'll be your partner was glad you headed home though. His hand probably couldn't take any more injuries.

That was the quote on my mind but I could exactly remember it. Not many things in life beat those moments of chaos, I feel like the experience around it is more memorable than the fish sometimes especially with this one 

The adrenaline and hope for another bite had him going strong for an hour or so, and then the pain really started to set in I guess haha. All is well and he was more than happy to make a blood sacrifice to the muskie gods to keep one hooked (terrible luck with that this year). Even if it meant staying hooked himself  

If all you have to do is hook yourself to guarantee your partner's fish stays buttoned, I hope I feel like a worn out pin cushion after Carrie and my Nipissing trip. Nice fish and great report. Please email me these images.

No falling on the sword allowed when you're at the Nip

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