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Thank you, Jay!

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Fished from 7 to 12 this morning in the rain. Had a couple lazy follows early on. Then around 1030 fish got a little motivated and I got smashed on my top raider. Just a little guy but he missed first and made a slurp sound which got my attention, a second later he's airborn horizontally almost 3 feet out of the water. We made eye contact and I felt him stare into my soul as he angrily clenched my bait in his mouth. Haha seriously though it was so cool. Next drift 2 more energetic follows, one smaller and the other big enough to make me almost crap in my rain suit. She came all the way to the boat literally right underneath my raider, the tail had to be scratching her between the eyes. That was it. Sun came out and we went home. Bad weather has been good lately. Put 2 in the boat in a couple hours last Monday right before that big rain moved in.

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Surface baits? Awesome!


Over the years I know of very few anglers who have caught muskies on the Niagara on a surface bait. In fact, although I know of many who have tried, you're probably the only one who I know who has succeeded. Congrats!

Maybe this year's clear water helps?


Thanks! I honestly don't have much time invested in it on the upper but I might try more now! I put more hours on it way up in the lower, from shore, almost fishing it like swinging a dry fly into tiny current breaks. Decent  NE winds made jigging a joke, and I don't troll so just started pounding shoreline after spotting some shallow fish

Very nice! Congrats!!

Good day brother’s n sista’s
Tony I have i top water fish on a figure eight just below sea world.. Le lure globe in the weed patchy point he foollowed it over a watch clump, then we danced next to boat n he snapped. One of my favorite fish,

Also trolling at night in front of the strawberry patch on the globe I watched la missil sky rocket out of the water in the full moon light !


Jojo, the missilsky is such a sight for bored eyes! It was actually your cannonball that you brought for show and tell one time that inspired me to keep my cheapo in the boat. I need to get a gopro, I can almost promise more top water action by the end of the season. Especially in a couple months when the temps start going back down 


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