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Thank you, Jay!

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went out thursday evening on the U.S side of the lower fished from 6pmto10pm. at around 720 i saw the biggest musky of my life. i casted over her and burned my shadzilla within a couple feet of her nose the fish acted like she saw nothing. i casted back with a glide bait and worked it right over the fish zero reaction. i marked the location and finished the drift. i came back to re do the drift. the fish was within a few yards from where i had marked her, this time i was throwing a 9/10 still no reaction, the fish seemed to be holding in the same location so i fished my way down the river, planning to try one last time at sunset. not seeing another musky, i made my way back just as it was getting dark fished the area where i had marked the giant. i worked a black and nickle showgirl and a black smo candy and no fish. question is did i work the fish too hard? not hard enough? a cool experience either way! biggest musky ive ever seen and first clear/blonde ive seen. going back tuesday evening

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Sometimes they just don't eat, Derek. You didn't do anything wrong. Back in the harbor heyday (my harbor heyday) you'd mark dozens of huge hooks at times. it seemed the fish were glued in place. Then you might see the bait rise in the water column because the wind shifted or increased or some other atmospheric change would occur, and then a fish, often multiple fish, would go.

When the big girls decide to eat, they eat. The art is being there when they do. Revisit your gal early in the morning or at dusk or at night. Go see her  when the moon is right, or before a front moves in. I think the fish are sulking now. When they go, look out, and be on the water.

Just post spawn zombies with temps where they are. It can be tough to get them fired up. I used to think they just didn't move even when trolling this time of year but the livescope is teaching me different. They react, they rise, they chase. They just don't fukn eat. Livescope makes me hate.
Spent 5 hours in to dark trolling South Gap Buffalo Harbor. We marked about 8 big musky hooks about 20 ft down in 30ft water accross the front of Coke Channel. Hit the spot with Hi-Fin Trophy Diver Jtd 9",Legend Perchbaits ,Wiley Muskie King Jr Jtd 5 1/2",and Boss Shad 7",no interest! Besides post spawn I believe we were under a minor cold front. Will.keep.pounding the Harbor as long as I keep marking.hawgs.
After 10 days trolling the Harbor we caught 49",53",33" & 37"muskies! All fish came in last 2 hours before dark and when water temps were still 69 degrees,once temps jumped up to 73 degrees only thing left marking on depthsounder were small walleye.Last 4 days were zippo.Time to go night trolling the river.
Cant wait to see these harbor fatties! Been a long time since the harbor has given up a good fish!

nice fish!

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