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Thank you, Jay!

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Goodday brother's and sista's

        Just did the hardest part of the Angler Diary Study. I spent 30 minutes doing the most important thing I do in fishing! I reported my 138 hours wishing in the Niagara River. I just kept a record how many people were on the boat, when I started and when I finished. A long with method of wishing and location. The location is the same quadrants we use for the release study, so there are no spots or no secrets  to given out.  That is it! As back up I also put that info in my report that I post on line.  Easy as can be and the most important data we provide for the fishery!

       This intel not only gives Tony (our very prestigious and most important, IT, fact finder) something to do over the winter  but also THE most important intel of how the fishery is doing. So much so that the DEC uses the intel as the rivers baseline to gage how the musky population is doing ,good or bad. Our diary study is the longest running diary study in the state. Allowing the DEC biologist 26 years of history and population ups and downs in the river. 

I know most have heard me on this soap box before and you will again and again, as long as I stand on the soap box! We have 100 plus members in our gang but we  have NEVER received more ten 10 reports in a year! COME ON GUYS! Please take the time to give back at almost zero cost , a few hours a year?

Ask not what the river can do for you.

Ask what I can do for the river.


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