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Thank you, Jay!

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I might not catch a lot of muskies anymore, but I do have some wonderful toys to keep me warm while I get skunked in the cold.

When you have a giant pumpkin-head like mine buying really warm hats that fit my seasonal gourd is extremely difficult.  If you have a normal sized head (I wear a 7 and 3/4 to 8 hat) I suggest picking up the Simms ExStream hat if you are in the market for a really, really warm hat. 

A few years ago I lost my 2XL ExStream Hat to extreme stupidity.  I left it in a dry bag on the dock.  When I tried to replace it I found out that Simms started making the Gore-tex monster in only one size fits most which never means me.  I bought one anyway because I'm dumb.  I sold it to Larry and I'd bet if you see him in the harbor this fall he'll be wearing it. 

I am determined to fish more at night as the season moves towards endgame and I'd like to so warmly.  With that in mind I searched and searched for a crazy warm hat for beach ball sized heads.  I finally pulled the trigger on the Extreme Warmth Windstopper Hat made by Alpacas of Montana.

The hat has a tightly woven Alpaca wool shell and a very thick Polartech fleece interior.  It is warm. I put it on in the house and I couldn't make it five minutes before my brain started to sizzle.  It is quiet and I can hear quite easily while wearing it which is a huge plus for old guys.  Jojo and I usually bundle up our heads in the fall when we fish and then we proceed to yell at each other the entire trip.  It also boasts a soft bill which I like to keep the sun out of my eyes and the glare from my headlamp.  There is a drawstring in the rear of the hat to cinch it down when it's really brutal out.  The hat isn't waterproof by any stretch and this is it's only drawback.  Wool still insulates when wet and Alpaca wool blows sheep's wool out of the barnyard.  Maybe the most important feature for me is the fact that an extra large fits heads up to a 25.5" circumference.  I top out at 25" and I figure the extra room will allow me to wear a balaclava underneath.

If you have a huge head in the physical sense, give the Alpacas of Montana hat a try.

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Scott ,Yes that Simms Hat is Awesome Warm!
After a few night trips in the cold I can safely say this hat is a winner. It's incredibly warm yet still lightweight, quiet and you can hear. Couple the Alpacas of Montana hat with a windproof balaclava and you have a long haul cold weather fishing rig that will be hard to beat.

I have alpaca socks & compared to wool, the wools stay in the drawer There is no matchup. Only drawback with alpaca is that it wears out quicker

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