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Thank you, Jay!

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Goodday Brother,s and Sista's   Ala Bala Bala

      This year I get to mark something off my bucket list.  Normally this time year my shop is very busy with grad parties. Not this Coronaville year, everything has been cancelled or postponed and nobody planning any parties. So I get my wish , to wish the entire first week of the season. In the past I have watched those with normal work schedules take the week off and wish the best wishing week of the year.

     I have had the time to get the boat ready ,rods rigged, retied, tools checked, lots o leaders, I even limited myself to 10 Plano 3700's , a Monster Box and a Flambeau Musky Box, not leaving much room for a passenger?  I added a handicapped old boy handrail and a old boy handicapped seat with arm rests!  

     The weatherman is calling for scattered showers and storms so I packed two full metal jackets forthje rain and dry clothes in the van.  After all Shmo Rule #14 states that the weatherman does not tell you if you can go wishing, but rather what you will wear.  Have permission from the "War Department", (as Bill Gardner would say), Grub box is planned, Bourbon ( a necessary Musky Valium) and large bottle of pain killers.

    As I checked the weather for storms and majors I notice that our Summer Solstice Sunrise is 5:36 but get a bonus of moonrise at 5:02 Saturday and 5:47 Sunday!!!  With early moonrise all week... Jumpin Jimeny Crickets Batman!  I'm not going to able to sleep! Not that I was anyway!  Shmo Rule #19 states that jojo does not need an alarm clock to get up, jojo needs an alarm clock to keep, his dumb butt in bed!

    So I'm getting ready all week high as a kite for my Bucket List Week, making lists and checking them twice. Thinking and wondering if I can really wish seven days in a row?  when the other night I have a night mare in which I get to wish for a week BUT I DONT CATCH ANYTHING?  Really can that happen? Can the fish elude for a week?  Can I be that bad?  Maybe my Bucket List Wish should have been, wish for an entire week and catch a Queen?


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Godspeed, Jojo!
"I even limited myself to 10 Plano 3700's , a Monster Box and a Flambeau Musky Box", are you sure that will be enough lures?!

You, my dear friend, are a JUNKIE!
Goodday Brothers
First step is admitting it, yes I have a substance abuse problem.
We meet Monday night at the Betty Ford Clinic,
Room for Substance Use...

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