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Thank you, Jay!

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Good Day

Fished 7/6/12 with my nephew Dylan 6-10. A 23" Buskie hit my 12 " Shmo Hula Spinner.

The only fish  we saw with teeth in the old triangle.  Whats with all the Buskies?

jojo out

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Didn't your parents ever tell you the story about the birds and the bees

Good Day

Ya Ya, I know the old question which came first the chicken or the egg?

Where's the chickens or where the bodies???

jojo out

I can usually interpret Jojo, but I have no idea what he's talking about.

I actually understood this one, I think.  JoJo wants to know where are the big muskies.  He hasn't seen live biggies or dead ones (chickens = big fish and bodies = dead big fish)

Thanks John.  I lost my Jojo Rosetta stone.

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