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Thank you, Jay!

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When you were a kid did you ever sneak downstairs on Christmas Eve to check out all of the presents under the tree?  Sure you did!  (I caught my dad eating Santa's cookies once.  The scary thing was I was 17 at the time.  I think I drank Santa's beer and went back to bed.  Yes, at the McKee household we left a suds for the big man in red.)  On Monday, August 4th, Don Ashworth, the retail marketing manager of the new Cabela's, has invited us a sneak peak at the new Walden store!  The members of the Niagara Musky Association will be allowed to check out the fabulous new Cabela's days before it opens to the public!  I like that!  This preview is available by invitation only.  If you are interested in exploring our new favorite outdoors store before everybody else gets a chance to, please respond to this post, or raise your hand when Frank Stachowiak, the architect of our relationship with Cabela's, mention this at tomorrow's meeting.  Nice job, Frank!  I had better stash away a few pennies for August 4th!

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I'll raise both hands.  I'M IN!!!

...and Frank, thanks much for the behind-the-scenes work you did.  It's much appreciated!

Good work Franky. I am all in. Jojoout

I'm in.


We'll have to reschedule the Conservation Committee Meeting, or we could meet at Cabela's and walk and talk around the store.

did you talk to your parents while you were opening your Christmas presents?  Of course not!!..I'm for rescheduling until the following week.  Our short term project (beav's) is postponed until Aug anyway & long-term one's can wait one week.

Ill be there!

Danny...I'll be seeing you in the fly shop!!

My main outfitter is going to get a lot of visits from this guy!

Def in!

ill be there!! my sis is working there  in fact she in the running to open the store by shooting her bow into the ribbon cerimony.  plus I get discount  so give me a Christmas list boys   lol

Does anyone know if there are extra tickets available...or if someone is coming alone and would not mind if I come in on their ticket?  I have nothing going on this evening and thought it would be fun to see the "sneak peak" of the store!



Joe...did you get hold of Frank S?  He would have any extra tickets for sure since he had the original supply.

Here is the memo that Frank wrote:  You'll have to move pretty quick to get everything by today:  Hope to see you there!!

I have a supply of sneak preview passes good for Monday, August 4 from 5-9 PM. Each pass is good for one person and one guest.
I will have the passes with me at my office, 25 Delaware Ave, across from City Court, Mon - Fri from 9 to about 2.  Call me at 856 1010 ext 513 to let me know if you are coming.
Also at my home, 89 Hitchcock Dr which is off Como Park Blvd, one street west of Borden Rd in Cheektowaga, any night.  Call first 681 3393 to make sure Joyce or I are home.  I can leave passes taped to my door also.
If possible, check with other members to pick up passes for them to cut down on  the numbers of members tracking me down.
I will be at Cabela's before 5 but I don't want to have to wait around for late comers.
Members and their family only please as the number I have is limited.  Wear NMA gear if you have it. Cabela's has indicated to me that they are impressed by the NMA activities and I will be maintaining contact with them for future assistance.
We have one month to get the passes distributed so I think it will work out to everyone's satisfaction.
Frank Stachowiak
home 681-3393
cell 531-2830
ofc 856-1010 x513
smoke signals -not permitted in Cheektowaga

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