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Thank you, Jay!

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left the dock on Toms' boat headed into more wind than expected and small whitecaps with the assumption it would be calm along Canadian side.  Moving slowly towards Strawberry we finally get far enough away from the bright lights to look around the sky.  I look towards the shipyards only to see a wall of white and Grand Island disappear.  " Tom, it's right there" as I point at the rain coming at us.  Lightning  to the north as the drops begin to reach us.  Where was this in the forecast?  Nothing to do but sit and ride the edge of another blowup storm.  Buckets coming down as we  s l o w l y  make our way to the southeast corner of Strawberry. Another lightening strike, one thousand one, one thousand two, crash of thunder sounding on top of us.  At this point I'm thinking I want onto the beach and out of this puddle I'm sitting in.  Look out the hood at Tom and he's picking up his rod.  "Fifteen feet, sixteen feet, good place to start."  No way I'm sticking my rod tip into the air.  Seems like a solid 15 minute long downpour but it definately is beginning to lighten in intensity, both rain and wind.  A few minutes later we both have our lures doing the dance and just as the rain stops I feel a dead sensation through the rod, lift up, fish on!  Short fight, Tom ready with the net, caught fish, easy hookout, water measure, 40'', dip of net and fish disappears straight down.  Yay and back to fishing.  Just finish filling out the release form and Toms' got a fish on.  Sitting and waiting to be up to bat with his new Beckman I see his fish leave the water in the perfect place, silhouetted against the lights of the city.  Beautiful!  A minute later the fish is at the side of the boat headed hard for the motor, pressure applied, fish turned back and at the top coming in my direction, lift when head is over middle of submerged bag and fish settles deep inside.  Another easy hook removable and the fish is ready for a quick measurement, 46'', picture, a few seconds for the fish to realize it's free, and gone into the darkness.  Back to fishing for awhile and I remember that I brought along a Baker lure that I has snatched up at the banquet and wanted to check out.  One pass across, turn upriver, fish on.  Nice battle, another fish that decides a few times it wants to take line off of my reel.  Slow but steady to the boat,  Tom ready, little boatside attempt at tailwalking, nixed that, pulled smoothly into net, caught, one hook in need of Knipex, free for another lift, measure, 48'',pic and back into water where fish slapped aqainst boat to say good-bye and went back to bottom.  Yay and back to it but the Musky gods had already smiled on us enough for the night.  Finished on schedule and back to the dock.  

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Awesome job, boys.  Great story, Carl.

Congrats on a great fishing experience, although a little dangerous. Nice play by play accounts of the events. Your story started out very similar to the day brother Jerry got his 50.5", except the curtain of rain came from the south and the lightning was relentless around the peace bridge on our August excursion. I recall both of my bilges running for a solid 15 minutes or more to drain incoming rain water. Once the rain and lightening stopped, Jerry hooked up. I Would never advize someone to fish in weather like that and i dont know if i ever will again, hope not, but it sure can pay off. Way to go night stalkers!

I don't have the kahoona's to fish like that but you deserve a Pulitzer for the account of that night.  Best book I've read in years!

Can't wait for Chapter 2.

Thats awesome stuff congrats!

Congrats! Insane amount of good fish in upper right now. Our last 4 trips 44, 43.5,44,42, 45 38, 36 and lost 3 mire mid to high 40s fish at the boat. Thursday am big muskys were rolling in the surface all around us.

Good day John
Nice work.
Where's our report?
Some of those count for the monthly.
Stuck at work jo

Ala bala bala jojoout
Nice to see you guys are able to get out and enjoy the fishery.

Getting caught in that storm was not in the plan, but the memory that I will take away from it will be Tom almost nonchalantly picking up his rod to start fishing.  I can't help but smile and shake my head thinking of it.

Nothing for the monthly. Was at st. Clair or working that week

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