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Thank you, Jay!

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Fished with Jojo today from 10am to 6pm. We jigged, cast and trolled in UN3 and 4.  We had turkey sandwiches, cookies and brownies. Jojo frosts his brownies.  They are spectacular.  The bait is setting up nicely where you'd expect it to.  Unfortunately, the floating weeds are also set up right where you'd expect them too.  I did catch an upper thirty incher jerking a white tube shallow.  She initially flashed at the bait and bolted.  I cast in the direction of her speedy departure and amazingly enough she smacked the tube.  I felt like such a big boy.  Fishing with Joe is always great and today was no different.  Good luck out there.

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Did anyone else see the big explosion yesterday!? I did around 3 O’clock in the afternoon. A HUGH brick wall exploded and collapsed in the river almost taking out the east side of Grand Island. It was ignited by a white tube being bitten by a musky...
Congrats to our President finally getting the skunk off his back. I think the fish was the same one my neighbor caught with me last week, same size, same spot, same features?
Catch and release works boys and girls.
Please practice safe quick catch and release.
We also got to educate a newbie at the dock, we are soon to welcome, Austin. He received a good elementary education from John Pensyl . Then Scott and I helped him get into middle school. Giving him leaders and lure info. Then Scott embarrassed me and told to him to stay away me and my lure selections, telling him he could get 2 new Rangers if he stayed away from me!!!
Sometimes the truth HURTS!

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