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Thank you, Jay!

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Carrie and I spent a few hours on the east side in the late afternoon / early evening.  On our way down to the south Grand Island bridge, just as I was placing my rod in a holder, my line out alarm started singing.  "Big fish", I announced.  As Carrie was clearing lines, I changed my assessment of what was connected to my Toothy to, "I think it's a big fish".  As the fish surfaced, I realized I had snagged an upper thirties in the back.  Oh, joy.  That makes two snagged on the year for me.  I would have been deadly at Burt Dam back in the day.  One quick flick of the wrist with the needle nose and the fish darted away with me offering a few apologies.  We trolled down to the power lines and back.  I managed to land two small fish, five minutes apart in UN4 and lose another an hour later.  All three fish hit a Niagara walleye 10" jointed Believer.  I guess we should have went west... Oh, well.  It was nice to be out there.

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All four of fish to my boat came on a Niagara Walleye Perchbait
We were the boat launching as u came in Larry. 2 so far both low 40s.
Expensive night so far. Lost my big fish perchbait to a huge pile of razor weeds in front of canal and just lost a plow to that freaking super snag right on Canadian shorline by brown shed.
Almost had that everything happens for a reason moment. Just lost a tank on the backside of the reef in front of beaver marina on a gizzard shad candy. Lot of weight behind her and big headshakes. Hook just pulled free.

i am unfortunately very familiar with the "everything almost always happens for a reason" moment. Monsters coming unhooked is my specialty this season. 

Yea it's bad when I don't even care about the $100 in baits I lost last night but that fish coming off before I got to see it is making me sick.

sounds like the 46 i snagged in the forehead(the night carl got his 48).

She t-boned the bait from the bottom at the head. Left some nasty teeth marks in the clear coat. Usually a perfect hookup but the big headshakes did their job I guess.

coming out of your box those baits have a 25% premium at least.

At least your fish was hooked in the mouth!  I bet when the lure pulled free you checked your hooks and sharpened them even though they were like razor blades.  Then you tightened your drag a little, sat down and trolled while wondering if you did anything wrong during the fight, all the while your stomach was souring and you were weaving a web of profanities.  At some point you decided to focus on the task at hand, but that feeling of loss and a missed opportunity crept back into your thoughts and you let out a few more off-color remarks or precise screams while bending at the waist like someone just punched you in the stomach.  At least that's what I do when I dump a pig... You know how this progresses, that sick feeling you have will linger until you pop another monster, and even then you'll wonder how big the one that got away was.

I always want to see what's connected to my lure, but sometimes it's better not to.  The absolute beast I lost in the lake so many years ago, just found it's way back into my stomach typing this...

All of the above. Lol. Sharpened the hooks again, loosened the drag a bit and while looking at the teethmarks I sat wondering if I had 7/0 hooks instead of 5/0 on that bait if she would of stuck. I think I'm gonna go 7/0 on all my perchies.
John, I learned years ago that the drag does not have to be set extra tight to set hooks.What happens if the drag is to tight when you hookup into the side of soft part above the jaw bone, it rips the soft portion of the jaw and a couple good head shakes and they are off almost as quick as they get on.Easy to tighten drag when fighting the fish.My drags are set finger loose and I always get hooks into the fish.

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