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Thank you, Jay!

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Jetting down river in shorts and a t-shirt in November never gets old for me.  On this unseasonably warm evening, my brother and I fished from 4:30 to 9.

We started the evening casting around Blue Water without so much as a perch' follow. 

As the sun was setting we ran to Strawberry with the intention of painting my GPS pink (I use pink for my trails.)

After about twenty minutes of trolling Bruce's rod fired. After a brief tussle he landed the 44" pictured below. The fish smacked a 10" jointed Believer in a Mr. Toothy custom sucker pattern.

Bruce had the lure back 55' on the deep eye.  He sent the image to  our friends, Colleen and Mary.  Colleen congratulated Bruce with the reply, "congratulations, Bruce! That's huge!" My brother replied, "thanks, I've been waiting years for you to say that to me." Oh, kids these days.

About an hour after the 44" hit, his rod went again.  This rip was feeble compared to the first one.  We taped the wet sock at 28". The 'Eye hit the same Believer.

That was all of our action on the water tonight.  What a great night on the river. It was beautiful out there, and fishing with my brother always leads to hurting sides from laughing so much.  Love that kid.

Bruce's night concluded on a really high note with a "Big Dirty" from Bocce's. What's a Big Dirty? It's a double cheese, double pepperoni, extra sauce, well done pizza.

I'm so jealous right now.

Out with Jojo in the early morn.  Night, night.

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I failed to mention tonight's trip bested our entire month of November from last year.

Bruce just read my report. He suggested a Run-DMC reference:

Bruce got a Bocce's

He ate it

There is nothing left

It had cheese and pepperoni

And it was def

You be illen'.

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